Student Wage Guidelines 2016


Long Island University employs full-time and part-time students in a wide variety of functions across both academic and administrative departments.  The University’s practice is to compensate students according to the guidelines outlined below.  By standardizing hourly rates, the University is seeking to promote fairness and equity in its compensation practices across the institution.  These parameters are also designed to reflect federal and state minimum wages as well as acknowledge differing levels of knowledge, skills and abilities required for a particular position.  As a result, these wages may be subject to change as minimum wage rates increase.  

  • As of Spring 2016, all new student hires (including both Federal Work Study, Budget and Grant students) will earn the minimum wage of $9.00 per hour.
  • Students will now be limited to working 17 hours per week during the academic year.  During recess periods, students may work extended hours (more than 17 hours per week) on an exception basis, subject to funding availability within the department and university need. 
  • A department may request a merit salary increase after a student has completed one year of service and is performing at a satisfactory level.  Promotion to a higher pay rate is not automatic, and assumes that the student is performing at a level of dependability and responsibility above the basic, required level.  Students will be eligible for one merit increase of 25 cents for each year of continued service in a department.
Year Hourly Rate
1 9.00
2 9.25
3 9.50
4 9.75
  • Job descriptions are required for all positions with a pay rate higher than the minimum wage.

All wage increases are subject to the availability of funds within the department.


Due to the special qualifications, knowledge or technical expertise required to perform certain jobs, some student positions may be exceptions to the above guidelines and compensated at higher hourly rates, ranging from $10 - $12.50 and $12.50 - $15.00 per hour.  Generally, it is expected that a student’s starting hourly wage will begin at or near the minimum salary of the range and will increase with longevity and performance.  However, market conditions, working conditions, nature of the work and recruitment difficulty may support a higher, initial hourly wage.
Placement within a particular range is determined by the following factors:

$10 - $12.50

  • In order to perform the job, the employee needs some training, specialized skills or related experience.
  • The employee receives limited direction from a supervisor in accomplishing tasks.
  • Employee may provide limited supervision to staff members or other students.
  • The employee follows unpredictable routines involving multiple tasks in performing the job.
  • The employee is enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program, but has not attained a degree.
  • The impact of the employee’s work is limited to the department.
  • The employee may have some prior work experience executing the duties of the job.
  • The employee has less than two years of experience in the job at LIU.

$12.50 - $15.00

  • Employee utilizes significant training, specialized skills or experience in order to execute the job.
  • The employee uses independent judgment and initiative in performing the job. 
  • Employee supervises staff members or other students.
  • The employee is responsible for developing, coordinating and implementing assigned projects.
  • The employee is enrolled in a graduate program or has already attained a graduate or doctoral degree.
  • The employee’s work impacts the campus at large.
  • The employee has prior work experience executing the duties of the job.
  • The employee has been employed in the job at LIU for at least two years. 

The following positions are eligible for the salary ranges of $10 - $12.50 and $12.50 - $15.00 per hour:

  • Graduate Assistants:  Given their greater educational attainment and potential to perform more sophisticated tasks, Graduate Assistants may be compensated at a higher pay rate, depending on the complexity of the work and the justification provided.
  • Tutors:  This category applies to all students providing tutoring services in Tutorial Services or Learning Support as well as various academic departments, such as Math, English, Biology, Foreign Languages, Psychology and Music.
  • Laboratory Assistants:  Applies to students who support faculty members in a laboratory.
  • Teaching Assistants:  Refers to those students who assist professors in grading papers, facilitating discussion sessions, running rehearsals or assisting instructors with elementary school children.
  • Research Assistants:  Refers to those students who assist faculty in carrying out research projects or providing statistical analysis of data gathered. 
  • Skilled Labor:  Refers to positions requiring special skills, such as the following:
    • Musical Accompanists for dance and musical theater classes
    • Production Assistants with skills in carpentry, electronics, sound technology and costume construction
    • Athletics employees with special certifications, such as lifeguards, trainers or certified fitness instructors
    • Camp Counselors or Day Care Workers
    • Building Managers who provide oversight for a particular facility

Please contact your campus Human Resources Office if you have any questions regarding these guidelines.

Adopted:  January, 2016
Effective:  Spring 2016