Information Systems


Information Systems

A degree in Information Systems signifies mastery of the fundamentals of the integration of technology, people, and strategy—knowledge that is prized by every organization and business. As a student of information systems, you will study fascinating and relevant subjects such as human-computer interaction, computer security, virtual worlds, and the fundamentals of networks.

Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs
B.S./M.S. in Information Systems M.S. in Information Systems

A Wealth of Career Opportunity

Career opportunities for professionals with a degree in Information Systems include chief information officers, senior network and software engineers, systems analysts, and IT consultants.

Why Study Information Systems at LIU Post?

  • Discover how Information Systems is incorporated into real-world environments from our acclaimed faculty, which include Dr. Steven G. Heim, author and expert in human-computer interaction and virtual worlds such as Second Life.
  • LIU Post computer labs feature the latest hardware and software platforms as you work directly with systems being used by companies worldwide.
  • Score top internships and job opportunities at NYC companies.


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