The Major Benefits of Choosing a Minor

Take a major step in your educational journey with a minor that can expand your skills and enhance your career prospects. Why minor?

A minor is a secondary area of study from your major or specific degree program. Although it is not a requirement for graduation, a minor provides a significant opportunity to "specialize" in a particular area or niche of your broader industry and gives you a way to pursue your interests in a field other than your major.

In addition, a minor shows future employers or graduate school admissions committees the diversity of your interests and skills; therefore, you might want to think about your future goals when choosing a minor. For example, if you are passionate about Art or Biology, a minor in Business or Computer Science will go a long way to increase your marketability after graduation.

Below you'll find a list of all minors currently available to undergraduate students at LIU Post. In order to declare a minor and have it included on your official transcript, obtain a "Request for Minor" form, available in the Registrar's Office.

  • Broaden your skills
  • Expand your area of expertise
  • One-up another job candidate
  • Explore your passion
  • Enjoy delving deeper into a personal interest
  • Diversify your résumé


College of Education, Information, and Technology
Dr. Albert Inserra, Dean