Health & Wellness Coaching

Certified Health Coaches are in high demand in health care facilities, worksite wellness programs, fitness centers, and working with private clientele.

The Health and Wellness Coaching Minor is an interdisciplinary curriculum that combines Counseling, Sociology, Psychology, and Nutrition perspectives. The minor is designed for students who would like to pursue a career helping people identify and achieve their health-related goals. Students learn motivational techniques, physical activity and nutrition instruction, relaxation and stress reduction, mindfulness exercises, and wellness coaching strategies.

Lack of physical activity and poor nutrition due to unhealthy behavioral patterns can cause serious health issues. Students will develop the skills to help clients overcome obstacles or barriers that prevent them from living healthy and active lifestyles.

Health and Wellness Coaching Minor students will have the opportunity to apply their classroom learning through the Practicum Experience (HS 490).

The completion of the Health and Wellness Coaching Minor will also prepare students for the Health Coach Certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).


School of Health Professions

Barry S. Eckert, Dean