Urban Studies

Urban Studies

Urban Studies is a broad, interdisciplinary field that enables students to explore and understand the political, social, economic, and geographic issues that shape the development of cities and the people who inhabit them. Nowhere in the world is an education in urban studies more relevant than New York City.

The program will interest persons who have varied interests and experiences: those seeking new career paths in such fields as administration, management, planning and public history; those working in a city or suburban agency but without previous concentrated academic education in the field; those seeking an intermediate degree as a stepping-stone to further academic or professional goals; and those interested in a graduate degree in urban studies with elective courses exploring various aspects of the metropolis including Brooklyn studies, city planning, community planning and New York City history.

Through interdisciplinary coursework integrating the study of economics, history, political science, sociology with professional skills in such areas as administration, management, geographic information systems (GIS), and city planning, you will examine current issues such as diversity, poverty, sustainability, homelessness, gentrification, zoning, environmental protection, and public health. In addition, as part of the curriculum you will conduct research and complete internships, gaining invaluable hands-on experience in the field.

About Urban Studies M.A. in Urban Studies

Build a Better City

In the heart of the world's biggest and most dynamic city, the Urban Studies program prepares you to contribute to the future evolution of NYC.


Fieldwork & Internships

Urban Studies students make contributions to improving and changing city life even before they graduate through research and internships, gaining invaluable hands-on experience in the field.


Richard L. Conolly
College of Liberals Arts & Sciences

David Cohen, Dean