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Project Time Frames

Standard Turnaround

Be sure to include a due date on your requisition form. Marketing Services requires 4-6 weeks to produce larger print, advertising and Web-based projects. Smaller projects are fit into the production schedule on a weekly basis. Although they may not physically require the same amount of time to produce as the larger projects and many times are completed in less time, it is safer to allow at least 4-6 weeks so that your project is assured of being completed on time.

Emergency Turnaround

In exceptional cases, staff can be made available to work late evenings and weekends with advance notice.

Printing and Mailing Schedules

Projects being printed by external vendors require 8-10 business days to be printed. This 8-10 day period is included within the 4-6 week schedule. If your project is being printed by Office Services and/or mailed by Mailing Services, it is a good idea to call ahead and to schedule press time with Matilda Tazzi in Office Services at 516-299-2530, as well as coordinate mailing schedules and processing with Mailing Services. Call 516-299-4022 for help in scheduling mailings.

If you are doing a large mailing (over 15,000 pieces), Marketing Services will handle the mailing through one of its external mailing houses.

Projects that are invitations or event-related should be in the mail 4-6 weeks prior to the event. Please keep production, printing and mailing schedules in mind when submitting these types of projects.