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Announcement from President Steinberg

TO:  LIU Community
FROM:  David J. Steinberg
DATE:  January 2, 2013
SUBJECT:  May 2013 Commencement Exercises

Commencement is, above all, a celebration of our students’ achievements. It is a milestone, a symbolic moment, when parents and faculty pay tribute to the new maturity, intellectual competence, professional skill, sacrifice and self-awareness of our graduating seniors, graduate students earning advanced degrees, and doctoral candidates who henceforth take up a hallowed place in our society. It is a time of great joy.

The opening of Barclays Center offered LIU an opportunity to come together for the first time to hold a grand, unified commencement, an embracive ritual showcasing the scope and dynamism of our University. The facility is dramatic, indoors, beautiful, and conveniently located. It speaks of the renaissance not only of Brooklyn but also of all of Long Island.

Over the past several weeks it has become clear that the notion of participating in a common ceremony has presented a host of problems for some members of the LIU Post community. Students have wondered about transportation to Barclays. Others were concerned that each student would receive just two guest tickets until we could see how many students would be marching. Additionally, the length of time between the last day of finals and the ceremony presented logistical problems, especially for those who live far from campus. Equally important, many expressed a sense of loss, fearing that the LIU Post identity would be swallowed up in the larger event, however grand. It seems that the tent on the Great Lawn has become a cherished symbol of campus identity.

Thus, at least in 2013, LIU will not hold a University-wide commencement ceremony. Despite the additional expense of hosting several commencements, the University Officers agree that what is most important is that commencement be a day of pride and joy for our students and their families. Commencement for LIU Post will revert to Friday, May 10, 2013, on the Great Lawn, with appropriate school/college recognition activities immediately following. LIU Brooklyn, Pharmacy and Hudson will move forward with the initial plan to combine their events (previously three separate ceremonies) into one unified celebration.

I hope that every student and his or her family will plan to attend the appropriate festivities.