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LIU Rebranding and Recruitment Initiative

How did the Rebranding and Recruitment Initiative come about?

The Rebranding and Recruitment Initiative was spurred by a mandate from the board of trustees. The trustees charged the University’s marketing and public relations team to develop a campaign that would unify the University's identity across its campuses, differentiate the institution from its competitors and reaffirm its student-centric focus. Confident that this initiative will bolster enrollment and raise the institution's profile, the board unanimously approved the proposal on Friday, October 21. With board approval secured, we have started to present the framework of the campaign to faculty and administrators, inviting them to collaborate with us on campus-specific message points that will be included as the campaign continues to be developed.

Why are the campus names being changed?

The campus names are not being changed. A new University-wide visual identity program has been developed featuring logos with concise references to each of our campuses. We live in the era of Facebook and Twitter. We communicate in smaller sound bites—often times in 140 characters or less. By using an abbreviated form of each campus name, we can connect with students and other constituents in a contemporary way while building awareness about the campuses’ connection to the University at large and retaining the tradition of excellence associated with the individual campuses.

When will the new branding go into effect?

The Rebranding and Recruitment Initiative is scheduled to launch on January 1.

Will the costs associated with the Rebranding and Recruitment Initiative affect tuition prices?

There will be no effect on tuition prices. The bulk of the expenses associated with the Rebranding and Recruitment Initiative will be covered by existing marketing budgets—funds that are set aside each year to run ads and create publications to recruit and retain students. Moreover, by unifying the University’s identity, each campus will benefit from the visibility of the ads for the other campuses. The result is that we will get more “bang” for our advertising buck.

How will the Rebranding and Recruitment Initiative affect the University’s website?

New logos will be introduced, and additional student and alumni success stories will be posted on top-level pages, but these changes will not affect the site’s existing functionality.

How will the individual campuses be promoted in context of the new campaign?

The new campaign provides a strategic framework that will allow us to continue to highlight each campus’s unique offerings while reinforcing the notion that our students enjoy expanded resources by virtue of being a part of one of the largest private universities in the nation. The campaign will include ads that: feature the success stories of students and alumni as well as testimonials from faculty; highlight each campus’s distinctive programs and features; and promote campus events.

Why the triangle?

Instead of dotting the “i” in a conventional way, we chose to use a symbol to add meaning to the logo and make it more ownable. The upward-pointing triangle represents upward mobility and aspiration. The triangle also is commonly viewed as a delta symbol, which means change. These associations are a natural fit for a campaign that urges students to achieve their potential through the transformative power of education.

Why now?

In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever for LIU to differentiate itself in the marketplace. The new strategy will unify the current multiple and distinct marketing efforts in order to leverage most effectively the existing marketing and advertising budgets. With a new unified image and a compelling tagline, each ad will benefit every campus, providing more bang for the University's advertising buck. The campaign provides a strategic template in which to highlight student achievements, to celebrate faculty in their roles as scholars and educators, to illuminate each campus’s unique strengths and offerings, and to reinforce the notion that every unit of the University is an integral part of one of America’s largest private universities.

Where can I get merchandise with the new logo?

T-shirts and other new LIU swag will be given away at pep rallies at the residential campuses in January and subsequently will be sold in the campus bookstores.

Aside from seeing it on campus, where will I see the new campaign?

Ads will run in major newspapers, including The New York Times, the Daily News and Newsday; in the New York City subway system; on Long Island Railroad platforms; in Penn Station; on billboards in high-traffic areas; on cable television; and on the Web. The campaign's message points will be amplified through the University's social media networks, and a “Find Out How Good You Really Are” app also is in development. Going forward, the new branding and theme will permeate all the University’s marketing materials, including advertising, publications, direct mail and signage.

Will our team mascots or any other symbols be affected?

Brooklyn’s Division I teams will continue to be known as The Blackbirds, and Post’s Division II teams will continue to be known as The Pioneers. Both campuses will incorporate the new campus logos into the promotional materials for their athletic teams.

What’s the concept behind the ads and the new tagline? How long do you expect it to last?

Qualitative research conducted with focus groups at both of LIU's residential campuses showed that students responded best to stories of recent graduates with demonstrable outcomes—relatable alums who were able to secure jobs in today's tight economy. Such testimonials are being paired with a powerful new positioning statement — "Find Out How Good You Really Are" — that challenges prospective students to discover their full potential at LIU. The faces and stories in the campaign will change over time, capturing the diversity of our campuses, but the tagline and branding will remain for years to come.