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Long Island University Announces Merger of its Hudson Valley Campuses

Westchester Graduate Campus and Rockland Graduate Campus to merge program offerings, resources and services to deliver expanded educational opportunities and unprecedented convenience on both sides of the Hudson River


Kim Volpe-Casalino,University Director of Public Relations
University Center,
Long Island University

Brookville, N.Y. – Long Island University will merge the program offerings and resources of its two Hudson Valley campuses, the Rockland Graduate Campus and the Westchester Graduate Campus, to better meet the educational needs of the region. The merger will offer students unprecedented convenience, giving them access to educational opportunities, facilities and services on both sides of the Hudson River.

Students will have more program options and will be able to take courses at either campus. Other benefits include increased scholarship funding; an expanded network, including a larger alumni base; a greater number of faculty members; and a broader selection of internships and student teaching placements.

“The merger will enable the campuses to work in a unified way to make the educational experience as enriching and convenient as possible for our students,” said Sylvia Blake, associate provost and academic dean of the Hudson Valley campuses. “In combining the resources of the two campuses, the sum is greater than its parts.”

Students now will have 70 academic programs from which to choose. Most programs will be offered at both campuses. A few areas of study will continue to be offered exclusively at one campus or the other, but even in those situations, students will be able to take some of their classes at the sister campus.

Since courses completed at one campus can apply to a degree at the other, students will enjoy more flexibility in creating their schedules; they can study when and where it is most convenient for them. This new system is ideal for people who live in one of the counties and work in the other. “For example, if you work in Westchester and live in Rockland, you could take some classes right after work in Westchester and take others over the weekend in Rockland,” Dr. Blake noted.

She also emphasized the importance of being part of a larger family of classmates and professors. “With a bigger alumni base and expanded faculty connections, there will be increased networking opportunities for our students,” Dr. Blake explained. This more robust network coupled with the new geographic reach of the merged campuses will result in a larger selection of internships and student teaching placements, offering students the chance to work in different communities and settings.

With more choices of professors with whom to study, students will be exposed to a broader range of perspectives. “If you’ve taken several courses in a certain discipline with one professor, you could elect to take your next course in that area at the other campus and get a whole new perspective from someone who brings different experiences to the classroom,” Dr. Blake said.

As a result of the merger, more scholarships will be available. Some awards have been increased; others are now available to students at both campuses. Students also will have access to both campuses’ facilities, including the libraries and computer labs, and will continue to enjoy the personalized attention that is a hallmark of a Long Island University education.

Open houses for prospective students will be held at the Rockland Graduate Campus on Wednesday, August 18, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and at the Westchester Graduate Campus on Tuesday, August 24, from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. For more information, to schedule an individual consultation with a program director or to reserve a seat for an Open House Information Session, please contact the Rockland Campus at 845-359-7200 or the Westchester Campus at 914-831-2700. You also can e-mail your inquiries or reservations to or  

Posted 07/08/2010

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