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Long Island University’s Homeland Security Management Institute Designated by Congress as a National Transportation Security Center of Excellence

One of six universities in the country to receive multi-million-dollar allocation to
research rail, bus, air & freight security


Paola Curcio-Kleinman,Associate Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations
University Center,
Long Island University

Riverhead, N.Y. - Long Island University’s Homeland Security Management Institute has been chosen by Congress to research and teach more effective methods of securing the nation’s transportation system. Late last week, the legislative body set aside $18 million annually for fiscal years 2008 through 2011, authorizing a total of $72 million to be spent on this new initiative.

As one of six academic institutes nationwide designated to form the National Transportation Security Center of Excellence, the University will work closely with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in developing security training for transportation employees.Of the $18 million appropriated by Congress for the Center’s formation, a portion will go to Long Island University’s Homeland Security Management Institute.

Long Island University was one of the first universities in the country to offer a Master of Science degree and a graduate-level Advanced Certificate in Homeland Security Management. Both graduate programs are delivered entirely in an asynchronous online format designed to meet the needs and objectives of busy homeland security professionals.

Program faculty and board members are comprised of the nation’s leading law enforcement, public safety, military and security experts in the country, including Los Angeles Police Chief and former New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton; New York State Deputy Secretary for Public Safety, Michael Balboni; and New Jersey State Police Superintendent Joseph Fuentes.

The Institute’s faculty of Senior Fellows are seasoned homeland security professionals with doctoral degrees and other outstanding academic credentials. Its online graduate programs draw an elite student population of managers, executives and professionals from diverse homeland security agencies and private-sector entities from across the nation and around the world.

Founded in 2005, the Homeland Security Management Institute is recognized as the nation’s leading private graduate educator in the homeland security field. The Institute’s administrative offices are based at Long Island University’s newest educational facility in Riverhead, N.Y.

Funding for the National Transportation Security Center of Excellence was championed by Rep. Peter King (R-Massapequa), a ranking member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-New York).

"I would like to thank Rep. Peter King and Sen. Charles Schumer for the trust and confidence they have placed in Long Island University to provide the national leadership to help ensure the security of the United States during these volatile times,” said Long Island University President Dr. David J. Steinberg. “We also are thrilled that Dr. Vincent Henry is at the helm of Long Island University’s Homeland Security Management Institute. Dr. Henry is a unique figure in America and has created one of the premier programs in the nation."

Rep. King said, "Long Island University is one of our nation’s leading universities for higher education in the field of homeland security, so it’s only fitting that it was selected for this prestigious role. There is great need for a stronger focus on transportation security, and I am thrilled that Long Island University has been chosen for this purpose."

Sen. Schumer said, "This funding will give Long Island University the national recognition it deserves in homeland security. It will both create jobs on Long Island and make our country a lot safer."

"The Homeland Security Management Institute is committed to top-level research and education in homeland security, and designation as a component of the National Transportation Security Center of Excellence will empower the Institute to develop even more sophisticated and effective measures to safeguard our nation and our way of life," noted Dr. Henry. "Transportation networks are the life blood of the nation and its economy."

As part of the Center’s development, Dr. Henry has been creating relationship-building networks between key agencies throughout the country to allow officials to communicate and exchange information more efficiently. The Homeland Security Management Institute works closely with the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, with private-sector entities, and with agencies in federal, state, local and tribal jurisdictions to facilitate communication and information-sharing. The Homeland Security Management Institute lends its expertise in support of multi-agency drills and exercises, develops ‘best practices’ manuals and guides, and is establishing an online resource center to disseminate the knowledge of homeland security professionals around the nation.

The National Transportation Security Center of Excellence is the first initiative of its kind dedicated entirely to transportation security. Long Island University joins the University of Arkansas, the University of Connecticut, Rutgers University, Texas Southern University and Tougaloo College to form the Center.

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Posted 07/31/2007

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