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Dr. Jeffrey Kane - Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Jeffrey KaneDr. Jeffrey Kane was appointed vice president for Academic Affairs in July, 2002. Prior to his appointment, he served for one year as the acting vice president for Academic Affairs, and for the five years prior, as the dean of the School of Education at the LIU Post campus.

Dr. Kane is responsible for the academic quality of the educational programs taught by LIU faculty members across all of the campuses. During his tenure, he has used his position to further extend the University's focus on students and their educational needs. Working with the deans and faculty members, he has helped to establish numerous innovative programs that offer students new and dynamic opportunities to further their education. With recently developed programs such as a doctoral degree in interdisciplinary educational studies at LIU Post, a joint master's degree in social work at LIU Brooklyn and LIU Post, doctoral degrees in pharmacy and physical therapy at LIU Brooklyn, and an interdisciplinary bachelor's degree in forensic science at LIU Post, he has guided the University in aggressively pursuing its mission of "Access and Excellence" in higher education.

Dr. Kane has led the way toward expanding the ranks of full-time faculty members while continuing to work with them to further develop the quality of teaching across the institution. He also has promoted effectively the importance of faculty scholarly activity as an intellectual foundation for an institution that is devoted to discovery and to the pursuit of knowledge. While meeting the demands of his current position, Dr. Kane has continued to write on matters related to the growth of the human mind including, most notably, contributing to and editing a volume of original essays titled "Education, Information and Transformation," which was published by Merrill Prentice Hall.

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Administrative Assistant to the Vice President - Nardy Madera | Phone: (516) 299-2917 | Fax: (516) 299-4064

Dr. Lori Knapp - Deputy Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Lori KnappDr. Lori Knapp was appointed associate vice president for Academic Affairs in September 2003 and promoted to deputy vice president in fall 2008. Prior to joining the Office of Academic Affairs, Dr. Knapp was the chair of the Department of Nursing at LIU Post, where she also served as co-chair of the LIU Post Campus Middle States Steering Committee and the LIU Post Campus Assessment Steering Committee. Dr. Knapp holds a Ph.D. in Nursing Science from New York University.

As deputy vice president for Academic Affairs, Dr. Knapp is responsible for the day-to-day staff operations of the Office of Academic Affairs. Working closely with Vice President Jeff Kane, she provides leadership for the PeopleSoft/Oracle ERP system implementation; oversees certain academic budgets; conducts faculty reappointment reviews; oversees technology initiatives in academic labs across the University; supervises faculty computer replacements; and oversees outcomes assessment and faculty development and initiatives in the area of teaching and learning. Dr. Knapp also chairs the University Web-mediated Instruction Task Force; serves on the University ERP Project Management Team and chairs several ERP subcommittees; and serves on the University Assessment and TLI Advisory Committees.

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Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Vice President for Academic Affairs - Gail Luksch | Phone: (516) 299-2822 | Fax: (516) 299-4064

Dr. Elizabeth Ciabocchi - Associate Vice President for Instructional Technology and Faculty Development

Dr. Elizabeth CiabocchiPrior to joining LIU in Fall 2002, Dr. Liz Ciabocchi served as a faculty member and an administrator at the New York College for Health Professions in Syosset, N.Y. and at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, New York Campus, in Manhattan. She holds an Ed.D. in Higher & Post-secondary Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, a D.C. from New York Chiropractic College, and a B.S. in Biology from the University of Scranton. She also holds a Sloan-C Online Teaching Certificate (Administrative Track) and completed the Sloan-C Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning (IELOL).

In her current role, Dr. Ciabocchi provides leadership for the University in the use of instructional technology in web-enhanced, blended and online learning. She also provides strategic administrative and academic support for the development of blended and online learning across the University and works collaboratively with the Office of Information Technology, academic departments, faculty, and campus and university leadership to create the sustainable structures, systems, and environment for instructional technology and blended and online learning to grow and succeed. Her primary tasks are to provide a comprehensive and responsive system of faculty development in instructional technology; oversee University academic technology budgets; work collaboratively with other administrative and academic units to develop new blended/online courses and programs and effective marketing strategies for those programs; coordinate marketing and budgeting efforts for blended/online programs, and oversee Instructional Design and Academic Multimedia Support staff. Dr. Ciabocchi also serves as Chair of the Teaching & Learning Initiative (TLI) Advisory Committee, which provides leadership in the identification and implementation of appropriate faculty development opportunities to promote, support, and advance excellence in teaching throughout the University, and serves on a number of other University committees and task forces.

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Virginia Ann DeFrancesco - Director of Academic Administration

Virginia Ann DeFrancesco Virginia joined the Office of Academic Affairs in March 2007, having worked in corporate and consumer banking for over 20 years. As a business strategist, marketing manager and customer service trainer, she led the implementation of the My Chase, My Choice marketing strategy for the Credit Card Division at JPMorgan Chase. She managed a team of 35 professionals who prepared 4,500 customer service advisors to quickly and accurately handle marketing, operational and customer issues. She also led the customer impact team as JPMorgan Chase and BankOne merged platforms. Virginia earned a B.S. from Marymount College in Tarrytown, N.Y., where she majored in finance and business management.

In her role as Director of Academic Administration, she manages university-wide protocol for submission and registration of new academic programs, as well as program revisions, with New York State Education Department (NYSED), and serves as liaison to NYSED maintaining the LIU academic program inventory.  In coordinating the accreditation and re-accreditation of academic programs with various accrediting bodies, she provides leadership and guidance to academic leaders in preparation of accreditation self-study reports and site visits.  She also manages the university-wide student evaluation process, overseeing the processing of course inventory for student evaluations each semester.  Compilation and publication of university-wide campus annual bulletins are managed by the Director of Academic Administration to assure NYSED requirements are met and assuring prospective and enrolled students are informed about admissions, registrar services, financial services, academic programs, campus services, resources, and facilities.  Through the endowed David Newton and Abraham Krasnoff Awards, she oversees the recognition of faculty for teaching and scholarly excellence.  

Contact information: | Phone: (516) 299-3866 Fax: (516) 299-4064

Gabrielle Eskin - Executive Assistant to the Deputy Vice President for Academic Affairs

Gabrielle EskinGabrielle graduated from the University of Miami in 2006 with a B.A. in Psychology. She joined the Office of Academic Affairs in Fall 2006, and is continuing her education at LIU Post, working towards an M.B.A. in the College of Management.

As executive assistant to the deputy vice president for Academic Affairs, Gabrielle works on a range of projects to further promote the use of technology in education. She is responsible for processing faculty computer replacements and academic computer lab equipment requests, handling student complaints and placing advertisements for position vacancies. In addition, she assists in the planning and implementation of Teaching and Learning Initiative (TLI) events, Teaching with Technology Institute (TTI) events and the Krasnoff/Newton Awards.

Contact information: | Phone: (516) 299-2883 | Fax: (516) 299-4064

Dr. Amy Gaimaro, Instructional Designer - LIU Post

Dr. Amy Gaimaro joined LIU in spring 2011. Prior to joining LIU, Dr. Gaimaro served as a faculty member at Molloy College, where she taught instructional technology and computer courses for over twelve years. In addition to her college teaching experience, Dr. Gaimaro has worked in higher education administration with assessment database management systems and electronic portfolios (aka e-portfolios), and brings to the University considerable experience in the use of e-portfolio systems for student learning, assessment, and accreditation in teacher education programs. She participated in the LaGuardia Community College "Making Connections" Grant to enhance the use of electronic portfolios in student learning and program improvement in higher education, and has presented on this topic at professional conferences and seminars. Her current research focus is technology acceptance in higher education.

As the LIU Post Instructional Designer, Dr. Gaimaro works with faculty to integrate effective learning technologies into face-to-face, blended, and online courses. She coordinates the Sloan-C College Pass Program and the LIU Online Faculty Development Program, which provides faculty with access to online courses about topics related to blended and online teaching. She also coordinates the LIU Post iPad Users Group. Dr. Gaimaro is a member of a number of University committees, including the Joint Task Force for Online Learning, Teaching and Learning Initiative (TLI) Advisory Committee, and Summer Teaching with Technology Institute (TTI) Planning Committee.

Amy holds a B.B.A. in Finance, M.S. in Accounting, and D.B.A. in Information Systems.

Contact information: | Phone: (516) 299-3541 | Fax: (516) 299-4168

Pat Harvey - Project Coordinator for the Associate Vice President for Instructional Technology & Faculty Development

Pat Harvey was appointed Project Coordinator for the Associate Vice President for Instructional Technology & Faculty Development in spring 2011. Prior to joining the University, Pat spent over ten years managing audits of U.S. hospital and pharmacy information systems, consulting and providing distance training services to field auditors. She began her career at the University in 2004 as a work-study student in the Office of the President, while completing the B.S. Health Information Management program at LIU Post. Motivated by her interest in re-using elderly patient clinical information data to expedite drug discovery, she went on to earn the M.S. in Drug Regulatory Affairs at the Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, LIU Brooklyn, where she also worked in the Office of the Dean. Pat is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Information Studies at LIU Post, as well as certification as a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) and Certified Health Data Analyst (CHDA).

In her current role in the Office of Academic Affairs, Pat’s major responsibilities are to coordinate meeting schedules, agendas and projects associated with the Web Learning Project Advisory Committee, Assessment Software and e-Portfolio Task Force, Teaching & Learning Advisory Committee (TLI), and Summer Teaching with Technology (TTI) Planning Committee; prepare enrollment reports and analyses related to blended and online programs; prepare reports and correspondence to ensure compliance with HEA regulations for online learning; assist with communications and updates to the University community on the topics of instructional technology and blended/online learning; assist in the development of the new Blended Learning website for the Office of Academic Affairs, and other duties as assigned by the Associate Vice President.

Dr. Julia Miller, Instructional Designer - LIU Hudson

Dr. Julia Miller has extensive experience as a teacher, trainer, writer, and instructional designer in corporate and university settings. Since 1998, Dr. Miller has been working in the corporate training sector, designing and delivering effective online training programs for Fortune 500 companies across various industries and content areas. From 2005-2010, Dr. Miller served as a senior learning consultant for SAI Global, a leading provider of award-winning online educational programs in ethics and compliance-oriented subjects. At SAI Global, Dr. Miller provided consultative services in the areas of: curriculum design, internal marketing, program evaluation, training delivery, and learning administration.

Prior to SAI, Dr. Miller served in a variety of leadership roles in e-learning organizations, including Vice President of Professional Services at eHigherEducation, where she gained a wealth of online production experience; Director of faculty development at NYUonline, where she taught classes in effective online facilitation in a synchronous learning software tool; and Online Producer at Kaplan Educational Centers, where she designed Kaplan’s first online SAT test prep course.

Dr. Miller holds a Ph.D. in English with a specialization in Irish literature. She has taught and published in her field and has over ten years of experience as a teacher of writing in academe. Her eclectic background includes studies at Second City’s Improv training center; work in a theater program for homeless youth; and engagement in professional storytelling. She is pleased to have the opportunity to wed her creativity with her passion for teaching in her duties as an instructional designer at LIU.

Dr. Kathleen Morley - University Director of Assessment

Dr. Kathleen MorleyDr. Kathleen Morley was appointed University director of assessment in April 2008. She has extensive institutional research and assessment experience. In prior positions, Dr. Morley has led numerous faculty and staff initiatives within Academic Affairs. Her work has included ongoing participation in cabinet meetings with responsibilities related to retention, accreditation and campus-wide planning. As associate director of the Policy Center on the First Year of College (NC), a national center founded by John N. Gardner, she has worked with national experts in supporting colleges and universities across the country in the self-study of the first year of college.

As University director of assessment, Kathleen is a member of the Academic Affairs team working closely with Lori Knapp, deputy vice president for Academic Affairs. She chairs the University Assessment Committee, serves on the campus-based assessment committees, and is responsible for supporting faculty members and staff in ongoing assessment efforts for improving student learning in and outside of the classroom, and for aligning assessment efforts occurring at the departmental, campus and University-wide levels. Dr. Morley holds a B.A. in Anthropology/Sociology from Lafayette College and an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Contact information: | Phone: (516) 299-4258 | Fax: (516) 299-4064

Kenneth Neveroski - Director of Academic Multimedia Support Services

Kenneth Neveroski was appointed Director of Academic Multimedia Support Services in September, 2009. In this role, he is helping to guide the transformation of his department from a traditional audiovisual "service and repair" unit to a technologically sophisticated media service operation dedicated to the entire campus community.

Prior to his current appointment, Ken served as Director of Technology for the College of Information & Computer Science, as well as Director of the Usability Studies Lab. He also worked for nearly a decade in the Information Technology Department as a LAN Operations Manager and Systems Administrator.

In addition to his professional experience in LIU technology operations, Ken has considerable experience with blended and online learning, having taught a number of courses as an adjunct instructor for the Computer Science Department at LIU Post. He holds a B.S. and M.S. in Information Systems from LIU Post, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. (ABD) in Information Systems at Nova Southeastern University.

In addition to his technology pursuits, Ken has coauthored two papers on Knowledge Management, one published recently in "Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences, Third Edition" published by Taylor & Francis in 2010. He has also acted as a reviewer for publications for Service Desk and Systems Specialists.

Contact information: | Phone: (516) 299-2311 | Fax (516) 299-2469

Peggy Riggs - Academic Budget Officer

Peggy RiggsUpon receiving her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from LIU Post's School of Professional Accountancy in May 1989, Peggy went to work for KPMG Peat Marwick (now KPMG LLP) as a public auditor. In August 1992, she returned to LIU in the role of academic budget administrator. In 1996, the title of the position was changed to academic budget officer.

As academic budget officer, Peggy works with the deans, the vice president for Academic Affairs and the Finance Office to develop a fiscal academic budget, including salaries, operating expenses and capital. Peggy reviews and authorizes budget transactions, assists the vice president in capital allocation and administrative salary review and assists the Finance Office with the tuition and fee schedule. She also assists the deans in preparing new program budgets, prepares adjunct/overload analysis reports, analyzes operating accounts and special program accounts at the end of the fiscal year and produces income/cost statements.

Contact information: | Phone: (516) 299-4206 | Fax: (516) 299-4064

Kathryn S. Rockett - Assistant Vice President for Sponsored Research

Kathryn S. Rockett ("Kitty") has been the assistant vice president for Sponsored Research at LIU since January 2000. Prior to joining the University she was the business manager for a small company in Ronkonkoma, N.Y. and for 16 years before that, she was the assistant vice provost and director of the Office of Sponsored Research Services at SUNY Stony Brook. Kitty has a B.S. from Radford University in Virginia; an M.A. in Liberal Studies from SUNY Stony Brook; and an M.B.A. from LIU Post.

As the assistant vice president and director, she supervises the day-to-day activities of the staff in the Office of Sponsored Research, which disseminates information on external support for research, training and scholarly activity to the academic community, and provides assistance in the preparation of proposals to sponsors. The Office also represents the institution and coordinates with institutional officers, on behalf of faculty members, in the negotiation of award conditions with sponsors. The Office of Sponsored Research staff assists in determining project needs within the complex sponsor requirements that apply to the use of external funds including the need for special review and approval for the use of human subjects and animals in both research and educational activities.

Contact information: | Phone: (516) 299-2523 | Web: Office of Sponsored Research

Spencer Simon - Director of Academic Workload

Spencer SimonSpencer Simon has worked in private higher education administration for the past 23 years in the field of financial management, serving as a senior accountant of grants and sponsored projects, an academic budget director and an assistant controller. Spencer also has served on several academic strategic planning committees, developed and implemented budgeting and accounting policies and procedures, and initiated and guided the development of a computer program to track workload. He earned an M.B.A. with a concentration in finance from Adelphi University in 1998, and an undergraduate degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting from SUNY Oswego.

The director of academic workload reports directly to the vice president for academic affairs, and is responsible for overseeing and providing guidance to all users of the faculty workload system. Responsibilities include working with administrative assistants, chairpersons, deans, payroll and computer programmers in the daily maintenance and operations of the system. In addition, Spencer works closely with the senior management team on all aspects of faculty workload. He also is responsible for providing and preparing financial and workload analysis of programs, divisions and schools, and he works with other University administrators regarding matters pertaining to the faculty contracts.

Contact information: | Phone: (516) 299-3496 | Fax: (516) 299-4064