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Who can be a PI?

Who can be a PI?

Eligibility to be Project Director/Principal Investigator

Individuals holding a full-time faculty or staff appointment at Long Island University are eligible to be named Program Director/Principal Investigator. The PD/PI will have the majority of the responsibility to meet the scientific requirements of the project and is designated to handle the administrative responsibilities. A full-time appointment is not required in the case of co-investigator status.

Individuals who do not have full-time faculty or staff status at the time of application, but expect to be appointed by the time of an award, are permitted to be listed as PI/PD. At the time of application there must be a statement from the appropriate Dean or Vice President indicating that, by the time an award is made, the appointment will be completed.

Students who apply for grants must do so under the direction of an advisor who retains a full-time faculty appointment. The faculty advisor is the PI/PD and the student may be the co-investigator.

Non U.S. residents who wish to apply for funding must meet sponsor requirements as to their eligibility and they must determine if their VISA status will allow them to participate.

Non-immigrants to the United States, who wish to apply for external funding, must have the appropriate immigration status to participate in the proposed activity. In cases where the sponsor requires U.S. permanent residence (green card) or U.S. citizenship for applications, these requirements must be met. Current immigration regulations place severe penalties on non-immigrants who violate the terms and conditions of their immigration status. Non-immigrants currently employed by Long Island University in H-1 or J-1 status should consult with INS about changes that may be required prior to beginning a new project or new employment. H-1 status is employer specific and job specific.

J-1 Research Scholars are admitted to the United States to complete a specific objective, defined prior to issuance of the initial Form IAP-66. Changes and additions to that objective will require review of the program sponsor prior to beginning a new project.