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Assessment Resources

Brooklyn Campus Outcomes Assessment website:

University of Wisconsin Madison Assessment -
Kansas State University Assessment -
University at Albany (SUNY) web site -
Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment -

Teaching Goals Inventory for Faculty by Angelo and Cross (1993) - pdf files added 1/16/09




A Framework for Good Assessment Practices by Linda Suskie, pdf added 9/21/09

Rubrics Brief Overview; Word document added 10/25/10

Assessing Your Program Level Assessment Plan; pdf added 10/25/10

Designing Rubrics; PowerPoint added 10/25/10

Some main points from the Peggy Maki Conference; Word document added 10/25/10

Introduction to Assessment; PowerPoint added 11/9/10

Sample Student-Center Syllabus; Word document added 11/9/10

Characteristics of a Good Assessment Plan; pdf added 11/9/10

Mission Statement Guidelines; Word document added 11/9/10

Best Characteristics of Goals and Objectives; Word document added 11/9/10

Sample Curricular Mapping Matrix; Word document added 11/9/10

Examples of Evidence of Student Learning; pdf added 11/9/10

Suggestions Regarding Measurement Tools; Word document added 11/9/10

Assessment Bibliography; Word document added 11/9/10