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Teaching & Learning Initiative

The Teaching & Learning Initiative (TLI) supports faculty members in providing excellent instruction that promotes student learning. Through this program, the Office of Academic Affairs and the Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee develop a variety of opportunities for Long Island University faculty members to share their perspectives, ideas and expertise concerning teaching within and among departments, colleges and schools, as well as across the University. We urge you to visit this site often and bookmark it to keep up with TLI-sponsored events and to learn more about all that your colleagues are accomplishing in and outside the classroom.

The TLI Newsletter is published biannually and features comprehensive information about teaching and learning across the campuses, in addition to featuring articles on best practices for the field of education.


  • To sponsor new faculty development strategies such as the New Faculty Welcome and the annual Summer Teaching with Technology Institute
  • To facilitate curriculum development and assessment endeavors with current faculty and expert external consultants
  • To organize events that promote innovative campus-community collaboration
  • To organize events that cultivate learning communities
  • To coordinate discussions and workshops regarding current research on teaching and learning
  • To facilitate faculty networking by connecting instructors with common interests across the disciplines and by organizing events at which faculty members from across the University can come together and share their perspectives.