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University Assessment Committee

Cecelia Traugh, Dean of the School of Education, BrooklynThe purpose of the University Assessment Committee (UAC) is to link the work of the Campus-based assessment efforts to University-wide assessment and planning.  The Committee is committed to a collaborative, integrative approach that maximizes communication and transparency among the main campuses, the regional campuses and University Center.  It supports Campus-based assessment efforts by providing University-wide guidance regarding faculty and staff development on assessment; steps needed to meet regional and other accrediting agency standards on institutional effectiveness and assessment of student learning; and major assessment initiatives, e.g., the First-Year Experience. The Committee is responsible for developing and implementing a University-wide, ongoing, sustainable assessment plan and for tracking and reporting assessment efforts at the department, school/college, and University-wide levels.  Finally, the UAC serves as a recommending body to the University officers regarding assessment issues.

University Assessment Committee Members

Kathleen Morley, University Director of Assessment, University Center, Chair

Bea Baaden, Assistant Professor, Palmer Library School, Post

Sylvia Blake, Associate Provost, Westchester

Margaret Boorstein, Professor of Geography, Co-Chair of Outcomes Assessment Steering Committee, Post

Jennifer Browne, Associate Provost, Riverhead

Claude Cheek, Director of Institutional Research, University Center

Liz Ciabocchi, Assistant VP Acad. Planning & Instruct. Development, University Center

Winifred Donahue, Director of Testing Center, Brooklyn

Kathleen Feeley, Assistant Professor of Education, Post

Stacy Gropack, Associate Professor, Division Director of Physical Therapy, Brooklyn

William Gustafson, Associate Provost, Student Retention and Academic Support Services, Post

Lee Kelly, Associate Provost, Brentwood

Lori Knapp, Deputy VP Academic Affairs, University Center

Belinda Kremer, Director of Composition and Director of the Writing Center, Post

Christopher League, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Brooklyn

Nancy Low Hogan, Associate Provost, Rockland

John McLoughlin, Director of Summer & Winter Sessions/ Weekend College, Co-Chair of Outcomes Assessment Steering Committee, Post

Elizabeth Mezick, Associate Professor, Library, Post

Roslyn Muraskin, Professor of Criminal Justice, Post

Deborah Mutnick, Professor of English, Director of the Writing Program, Brooklyn

Phil Wong, Associate Professor of Psychology, Co-Chair of Outcomes Assessment Committee, Brooklyn

Tina Zerilli, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Brooklyn

Dan Rodas, VP for Planning, VP for Human Resources, University Center, ex-officio

Heather Gibbs, Assistant VP, University Center, ex-officio

Mary Lai, Office of the President, University Center, ex-officio