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LIU Post Scholarship Recipients

Don Monti Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Recipient: Sondra Mendelsohn Recipient: Sondra Mendelsohn

Sondra Mendelsohn felt an immediate sense of belonging the first time she visited LIU Post. “From the minute I stepped on the campus I fell in love with the place,” the biology major said. “The trees and grass and friendly people made me feel like I was at home. I knew from that moment that this was the place for me.”

Paying for college was a challenge for Ms. Mendelsohn’s family. The Don Monti Memorial Endowed Scholarship provided the resources she needed to pursue her dream of attending medical school.

The scholarship is named for Don Monti, who died of cancer in 1972. His parents, Joseph and Tita Monti, who received honorary doctorates from LIU in 1998, founded The Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation to fight cancer and promote education. “My brother Don was just 16 years old when he passed away,” said Caroline Monti Saladino, president of the Foundation. “He never had the chance to graduate high school; he never had the chance to attend college. But my dear parents made sure that others could experience these wonderful milestones through the scholarships that are given each year in his memory.”

Ms. Mendelsohn said The Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation’s support has had a powerful impact. “Because of my scholarship, I am able to continue to study biology at LIU Post and hopefully one day study at a school of medicine,” she said. “I cannot express how much this generosity means to me and to others in my situation.”

Ed and Genny Shorin Endowed Scholarship

Recipient: Scott Genovese and Ed ShorinRecipient: Scott Genovese

“Music means everything to me,” said Scott Genovese, a music education major at LIU Post. “I love to practice and perform and write music, whether it’s jazz or classical or heavy metal. I want to share my passion for music as a teacher. The Ed and Genny Shorin Endowed Scholarship is helping me fulfill that goal.”

Genovese is the drummer for a rock band called Optic and plays with the LIU Post symphonic band, orchestra, jazz ensemble and percussion ensemble. The self-described “practice-a-holic” hopes to share the beauty and excitement of music with young people as a teacher.

“I’ve always liked to help people,” he said. “Since I’m a musician, I would like to help students discover music, so that it can mean to them what it has meant to me. I want to pass along what I’ve learned.”

The Ed and Genny Shorin Endowed Scholarship “is a big help to my family, financially,” he said. “And it’s a great honor. When I attended the LIU Post Scholarship Luncheon for scholarship recipients, and saw what a select group I belonged to, I felt really proud. This scholarship has been very important to my college experience.”

It is important to Ed Shorin, too.

“The obvious motivation for sponsoring or contributing to a scholarship fund is the satisfaction of knowing dedicated students will be helped to acquire a college education,” said Mr. Shorin (H’99), a LIU trustee. “But another compelling incentive is the power of self-esteem -- the reward of feeling like a valued member of the community by voluntarily supporting community welfare with meaningful support of higher education.”

When Mr. Shorin’s wife, Genny, passed away in 2009, he established an Endowed Scholarship in her name, the Genevieve Shorin Memorial Endowed Scholarship to assist students studying in the liberal arts and sciences.

Detlef Schmidt Scholarship for Excellence in Philosophy

Recipient: Marion SchimmelRecipient: Marion Schimmel

Marion Schimmel of Wantagh, N.Y. aspires to a career in the State Department, and she is willing to work hard to reach her goal. A political science major and philosophy minor at LIU Post, Schimmel also holds two jobs – tutoring students in the LIU Post Philosophy Department and working at a management consulting firm, setting appointments and doing clerical work.

Financial support from LIU Post has helped Ms. Schimmel cover the costs of her education. She is a recipient of the Detlef Schmidt Endowed Scholarship for Excellence in Philosophy – a fund established by one of her philosophy professors, Dr. Maithili Schmidt, in memory of her late husband.

“Dr. Schmidt really took me under her wing while I was a freshman,” Ms. Schimmel said. “I didn’t know which end was up, and she made me realize what I’m capable of doing. She considers her scholarship and investment in her students’ future, and I’m so thankful that she’s helped me. It’s important for me and my family.”

For Dr. Schmidt, a scholarship is more than financial aid.

“In the short term, a scholarship award provides financial assistance,” she said. “But the most important benefit is that it serves as an inspiration to the student. To paraphrase a Danish proverb: she who has given to me teaches me to give.”

Alexander “Lex” Dashnaw Endowed Scholarship

Recipient: Emily KlonowskiRecipient: Emily Klonowski

Because she has teenage brother with autism, Emily Klonowski’s home in Northport, N.Y. can be a busy place. Her family wanted her to attend a college where she could live on campus and concentrate on her studies. Ms. Klonowski, a singer and musician since the fourth grade, desired a private university with a renowned music program. LIU Post was the perfect choice -- and the Alexander “Lex” Dashnaw Endowed Scholarship made it possible.

“The scholarship helped me to reside in a campus residence hall and develop academically and personally,” the music education major said. “LIU Post is well-known for its music program, and I have had many opportunities to perform in major concert halls such as Lincoln Center and throughout the world.”

Ms. Klonowski envisions a career as a high school music teacher, but she aspires to be a professional singer first. “I would be a better teacher because of the experience of being a performer,” she said. “When I do teach, I want to help students the way my teachers helped me, through proper instruction and technique.”

Professor Dashnaw, who retired after 43 years as director of the LIU Post Chorus in 2008, said his goal for the scholarship was to ensure that financial need did not prevent talented students from pursuing their dreams. “Nothing makes me happier than providing scholarships to assist talented young musicians in pursuing their dreams,” he said.

Ms. Klonowski sang under Professor Dashnaw’s baton as a freshman. “It was a wonderful experience,” she said. “He was a wonderful mentor and his passion for music was inspiring to me and many other students.”