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Michael J. Grant Campus
LIU Brentwood Building
1001 Crooked Hill Road
Brentwood, NY 11717
Phone: 631-287-8500
Fax: 631-287-8575
Email: brentwood-info@liu.edu

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The administrative offices of LIU Brentwood serve to facilitate the efficiency and effectiveness of campus programs and services and to implement the University's mission of access and excellence for all students. The Associate Provost serves as the chief operating officer and is responsible for campus operations, policy development and strategic direction, admissions and recruitment, retention, financial aid, student services, public safety, and communications. Supporting the Associate Provost are the Associate Dean and administrative staff.

Jean Conroy, B.S., M.A., M.S.
Associate Dean
Phone: 631-287-8301
Email: jean.conroy@liu.edu

Madalynn Predonzan
Operations Coordinator and Executive Assistant to the Associate Provost
Phone: 631-287-8502
Email: maddy.predonzan@liu.edu


Scott Aug, B.A., M.S.
Enrollment Services Specialist
Phone: 631-287-8506
Email: Scott.Aug@liu.edu

Academic Advising:

Isaac Yadegari
Academic Advisor
Email: Isaac.Yadegari@liu.edu

Joann Jantzen
Office Manager
Phone: 631-287-8503
Email: joann.jantzen@liu.edu

Financial Aid:

Andrea Mojica, B.S., M.B.A.
Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 631-287-8510
Email: andrea.mojica@liu.edu

Information Technology:

Information Technology
Phone: 631-287-8511


LIU Brentwood
Abagail Van Vlerah, Dean


Enrollment Services


Email: brentwood-info@liu.edu
Phone: 631-287-8500