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Brentwood, NY 11717
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Academic Advising

The goal of academic advising at LIU Brentwood is to partner with each student to fulfill his or her educational and career objectives. Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, part-time or full-time, our support team of administrators is ready to assist you in every aspect of your education. From your first semester through to graduation day, we will provide you with the advising and counseling necessary to create a plan of study that suits your specific academic and career goals.

Isaac Yadegari
Academic Advisor
Phone: 631-287-8507
Email:  isaac.yadegari@liu.edu

Heather Delano
Enrollment Services Specialist
Phone: 631-287-8508
Email: heather.delano@liu.edu

Amy Ingrilli
Academic Advisor
Phone: 516-299-2857
Email: amy.ingrilli@liu.edu


LIU Brentwood
Abagail Van Vlerah, Dean


Enrollment Services


Email: brentwood-info@liu.edu
Phone: 631-287-8500