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Program Requirements

A student must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in the M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program. Any student who cumulative GPA average falls below 3.00 will be evaluated by the Academic Standing Committee of the Department of Counseling and Development, issued a letter of warning, and placed on probation. A student on probation who fails to bring his or her average up to 3.00 in the succeeding semester may be dropped from the program. In addition, a student who receives grades below B in to graduate courses is considered to have an academic deficiency. A third grade below B, after the student received a formal warning of the deficiency, may cause the student to lose matriculated status or be dropped from the program.


Course Credits
EDC 600 Introduction to Professional Counseling 3
EDC 601 Introduction to Mental Health Counseling 3
EDC 608 Assessment and Intervention Strategies in Mental Health Counseling 3
EDC 610 Behavior Dynamics Over Life Span 3
EDC 613 Diversity and Socio-Cultural Issues in Counseling 3
EDC 615 Theories of Counseling 3
EDC 616 Family Counseling 3
EDC 660 Practicum in Psychological Testing for Counselors 3
EDC 668 Counseling Pre-Practicum 3
EDC 669 Counseling Practicum 6
EDC 676 Career Development 3
EDC 683 Mental Health Counseling Internship I 3
EDC 684 Mental Health Counseling Internship II 3
EDC 685 Mental Health Counseling Internship III 3
EDC 687 Group Approaches: Theory & Practice 3
EDC 689 Group Counseling Laboratory 3
EDC 702 Research Methods in Counseling 3


Course Credits
EDC 614 Developmental Counseling with Children & Adolescents 3
EDC 617 Principles of Couple Counseling 3
EDC 652 Counsel Approaches to Human Sexuality 3
EDC 654 Counselor Examines Alcoholism 3
EDC 657 Counseling Families of Alcoholics 3
EDC 659 Counseling for the College Admission & Selection Process 3
EDC 686 Mental Health Counseling Internship IV 3
EDC 690 School Counseling Internship I 3
EDC 750 Special Topics in Counseling 3