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Program Requirements

Each student, in consultation with his or her academic counselor, develops and follows a plan of study. Every semester, the student may consult with an assigned faculty advisor on course selection and completion of the study plan. All students are required to meet with their faculty advisor upon completion of 12 credits for an Interim Assessment. Such an assessment allows both the advisor and the student to discuss the student’s progress and achievement and to identify any areas of concern.

M.S. in School Counseling Requirements (48 Credits)

Course Credits
EDC 600 Introduction to Professional Counseling 3
EDC 610 Behavior Dynamics Over the Life Span 3
EDC 613 Diversity and Socio-Cultural Issues in Counseling 3
EDC 614 Developmental Counseling with Children and Adolescents 3
EDC 615 Theories of Counseling 3
EDC 659 Counseling for the College Admission and Selection Process 3
EDC 668 Counseling Pre-Practicum 3
EDC 669 Counseling Practicum 3
EDC 670 Educational Tests and Measurements                       3
EDC 676 Career Development 3
EDC 687 Group Approaches: Theories & Practice 3
EDC 689 Group Counseling Laboratory 3
EDC 690 School Counseling Internship I 3
EDC 691 School Counseling Internship II 3
EDC 702 Research Methods in Counseling 3

Culminating Experience, 0-3 credits
Option A: Comprehensive Examination or CPCE Examination

Students should plan to take the Comprehensive Examination or CPCE Exam in the semester prior to the one in which they plan to graduate. To be eligible, students must have completed at least 24 credits with 12 credits in-progress that semester.
- - Comprehensive Exam 0.00
- - CPCE Exam 0.00

Option B: Thesis Seminar

This seminar is available only to those matriculated master’s degree candidates electing to
develop and write a thesis under the supervision of approved faculty. Registration must be approved by the department chair or designated representative. Student must have received a grade of A in EDC 702.

Total Degree Credit Requirement: 48-51


  • Project S.A.V.E. Workshop
  • Child Abuse Workshop
  • New York State Fingerprint Clearance