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Program Requirements

The master's program requires students to complete 36 credits, 30 of which must be in library and information science. Under the guidance of a faculty advisor, students plan a course of study which develops competency in a particular area, such as information access and retrieval, information science, corporate information center management, bibliographic control, children's and young adult services, and public librarianship, to name a few.

Required M.S.L.I.S courses are:
LIS 510   Introduction to Library & Information Science
LIS 512   Introduction to Knowledge Organization
LIS 514   Introduction to Research in Library & Information Science
LIS 690   Internship or
LIS 691   Internship for School Libraries

In addition, students are required to take one of the following:
LIS 511  Information Sources and Services
LIS 603  Humanities Sources and Services
LIS 604  Science and Technology Sources and Services
LIS 605  Social Science Sources and Services
LIS 607  Health Science Sources and Services
LIS 608  Legal Sources and Services
LIS 609  Business and Economic Sources and Services

Students are required to take one of the following:
LIS 513  Management of libraries & Info. Centers
LIS 622  Management of the School Media Center
LIS 713  Rare Books and Special Collections Librarianship
LIS 741  Public Libraries
LIS 745  Academic Libraries
LIS 747  Special Libraries
LIS 749  Health Sciences Libraries

For Course Descriptions, see the LIU Brentwood Bulletin.

Elective Courses

Students choose from more than 45 elective courses in a wide range of library and information specialties. In addition, the Palmer School offers special topics on new subjects and emerging technologies.

Internship Program

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the Palmer School education is the Internship Program. Every student is offered the opportunity to participate in a capstone internship that will provide them with marketable experience and essential skills for a competitive job market.

Degree Requirements

A student must maintain minimum grade point average of 3.0 in the M.S. Library and Information Science Program for continuation in the program and eligibility for practicum experiences. Any student whose cumulative grade point average falls below 3.00 will be evaluated by the Academic Standing Committee of the Palmer School of Library and Information Science, issued a letter of warning, and placed on probation. A student on probation who fails to bring his or her average up to 3.00 in the succeeding semester may be dropped from the program. In addition, a student who receives grades below B in two graduate courses is considered to have an academic deficiency. A third grade below B, after the student receives a formal warning of the deficiency, may cause the student to lose matriculated status or be dropped from the program.