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About the Program

The 36-credit Master of Science in Criminal Justice is designed to provide the skills and understanding necessary to address the emerging public interest problems of the 21st Century. The program offers a core curriculum that lays the foundation for the understanding of crime and high technology and the ability to think critically. Graduates of the program are equipped to pursue careers such as working at research institutes, with juveniles, alternative-to-incarceration programs, victims’ rights groups, corporate security, defendants’ rights groups, and treatment and rehabilitation programs in addition to traditional law enforcement positions at the federal, state and local levels.


Courses are taught by a distinguished faculty that includes published authors, researchers and widely-consulted authorities on the American and world criminal justice systems. Adjunct faculty members are working professionals in the field and include attorneys, judges and law enforcements officials. Our professors will engage and inspire you to exceed your expectations.

Course Sampler:

  • Technology and the Criminal Justice System
  • Security Law
  • Critical Issues in Law and Society
  • Theories of Crime Causation
  • Private Security Administration
  • Employment Discrimination Law

Classes are scheduled to meet on Tuesday evenings and on Saturdays. Tuition will remain constant for the entire 36 credits. The costs include all books, courses, seminars and most fees. Students take courses in “lock-step” which means they must enter, maintain attendance and graduate as a group.