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Degree Requirements

Major Requirements
These courses are required of all psychology majors. The student elects at least five additional psychology courses, which may include one PSY 41 Special Topics in Psychology. A minimum of 36 credit hours in psychology is required.

Required Introductory Psychology Sequence
One of the following sequences:

Course   Credits
PSY 1 General Psychology I 3
PSY 2 General Psychology II 3


PSY 3 Principles of Psychology I 4
PSY 4 Principles of Psychology  II 4

Required Psychology Courses
All of the following:

Course   Credits
PSY 21 Experimental Psychology I 4
PSY 22 Experimental Psychology II 4

PSY 53

Psychological Statistics I 4

Elective Psychology Courses
If PSY 1 and 2 are taken, eighteen credits of the following are required. If PSY 3 and 4 are taken, sixteen credits of the following are required.

Course   Credits
PSY 15 Critical Thinking 3
PSY 23 Behavioral Economics 3

PSY 24

Psychological Tests and Measurements 3
PSY 25 Developmental Psychology: Childhood 3
PSY 26 Developmental Psychology: Adolescence 3
PSY 27 Play and Play Therapy 3
PSY 28 Assessment of Stress and Coping in Children and Adolescents 3
PSY 29 Developmental Disabilities 3
PSY 30 Personality: Research and Theory 3
PSY 32 Social Psychology 3
PSY 34 Advanced Issues in Social Psychology 3
PSY 35 Trauma and Disaster Psychology 3
PSY 36 Environmental Psychology 3
PSY 37  Neuroscience 3
PSY 39 Psychopharmacology 3
PSY 40 The Psychology of Gender 3
PSY 41 Special Topics in Psychology (may only be taken once to satisfy this requirement) 3
PSY 42 Human Neuropsychology 3
PSY 43 Forensic Psychology: The Law and Human Behavior 3
PSY 44 Differential Diagnosis of Central Nervous System Disorders 3
PSY 47 Industrial and Organizational Psychology 3
PSY 54 Psychological Statistics II 3
PSY 57 Cognitive Psychology 3
PSY 58 Animal Learning and Cognition 3
PSY 60 Sensation and Perception 3
PSY 61 Historical Foundations of Contemporary Psychology 3
PSY 62 Learning and Memory 3
PSY 63 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 64 Systems and Theories of Psychotherapy 3
PSY 65 Humanistic Psychology 3
PSY 67 Comparative Psychology 3
PSY 68 Psychosomatics: Bodily Protest 3
PSY 70 Developmental Psychology: Adulthood and Aging 3
PSY 71 Practicum in the Teaching of Psychology I 3
PSY 72 Practicum in the Teaching of Psychology II 3
PSY 75 Applied Behavior Analysis 3
PSY 76 Practicum in Psychology I 3
PSY 77 Practicum in Psychology II 3
PSY 91 Problems in Psychological Research I 3
PSY 92 Problems in Psychological Research II 3
PSY 99 Field Study of Wild Dolphin Social Behavior 3
PSY 324 Field Study of Wild Dolphin Social Behavior 3
PSY 359 Honors Advanced Elective 3
PSY 385 Honors Tutorial 3
PSY 386 Honors Tutorial 3
PSY 389 Honors Thesis 3
PSY 390 Honors Thesis 3

CORE Curriculum Requirements for Transfer Students

In addition to all major requirements, transfer students pursuing the B.A. in Psychology must satisfy all Core curriculum requirements as follows:

Effective Fall 2010
1. Students transfer to LIU Brentwood as "core complete" if they have received A.A. or A.S. degrees from institutions with which we have articulation agreements, or other accredited institutions granting Liberal Arts degrees. Students with degrees from technical institutions would not qualify as core complete.

2. No student who transfers to LIU Brentwood without an approved A.A. or A.S. degree may graduate without a minimum of:
a. Math - 3 credits
b. Science - 4 credits
c. Fine Arts - 3 credits
d. Humanities*; - 9 credits
e. Social Sciences** - 6 credits
f. English Composition (ENG 1 and 2) - 6 credits

*Humanities courses include:
• English
• Foreign Language
• History
• Philosophy
• World Literature
**Social Science courses include:
• Anthropology
• Economics
• Geography
• Political Science
• Psychology
• Sociology

3. Transfer students transferring in less than 60 credits must complete all competencies. Transfer students transferring in 60 or more credits are exempt from the Computer, Library Use and Oral Communication competencies.

4. No two-credit courses in transfer may be applied to the core without department consent and Academic Standing approval. Three-credit science courses in transfer must have a laboratory component to be applied to the core laboratory science requirement.

For a more detailed listing of these requirements, see the Core Curriculum section of the LIU Brentwood Bulletin.

Credit and G.P.A. Requirements
Minimum Total Credits*: 129 (128 for transfer students)
Minimum Liberal Arts Credits: 96
Minimum Major G.P.A.: 2.50
Minimum Cumulative G.P.A.: 2.00

*Please note: One course must be taken in residency at LIU Post.