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B.S. in Social Work

The bachelor’s degree in Social Work at LIU Brentwood is a unique program designed for junior transfer students interested in launching a career in a fast growing and rewarding helping profession. In this afternoon/evening program you will learn to be an advocate, educator, counselor, mediator, mobilizer, facilitator, coordinator, and manager. You will be educated to promote the changes needed to enhance the well-being of individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations.

In our relationship-centered education, you will learn through:

  • Small class engagement with stimulating topics using role plays, case studies, videos, TED talks, close reading and reflective writing
  • Field practice in diverse settings including schools, homeless shelters, child and family counseling centers, charitable organizations, senior citizen facilities, and social service agencies

Graduation from the program allows you to:

  • Enter the workforce as a generalist professional from a highly respected program
  • Apply for advanced standing, one-year MSW anywhere, including LIU’s program with specializations in child and family, substance abuse, gerontology, forensic social work and non-profit management

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