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Transfer Credit Evaluation

LIU Brentwood accepts a maximum of 72 credits from two-year colleges and 96 credits from four-year colleges and universities. The minimum grade required for a course to transfer is C-. Students transferring directly to LIU Brentwood upon completion of an associate’s degree may transfer courses in which they received D grades, provided those courses were required for the degree.

Credit Evaluations with Official Transcript

After you have applied to LIU Brentwood and submitted your official transcripts, your application will be reviewed by the admissions committee. Accepted students will receive an official evaluation of their transfer credits.

Preliminary Credit Evaluations with Unofficial Transcript

If you want to find out how your credits will transfer to LIU Brentwood before you apply or are admitted, please contact our  Admissions Office for a preliminary review of your transcripts.

There are three ways to receive a preliminary transfer credit evaluation:

  • E-mail your transcripts and contact information to:
  • Fax your transcripts to: 631-287-8575
  • Meet in person with an admissions counselor: Call 631-287-8500 to make an appointment

The Admissions Office will respond quickly – within 24 to 48 hours – to requests regarding the number of credits students may transfer from their previous school(s).