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Fall 2016

Classes Begin September 7
Add/Drop and Late Registration 
(instructor permission required to add 
Lab Science courses as of 9/15)
September 7 - 20
Award of September Degrees  September 16
Columbus Day - Administrative Offices Open - No Classes  October 10
Registration Begins for Spring 2017 (tentative date) October 10
Last Day to File for January 2017 Degree October 14
Last Day to Opt P/F or Partial Withdrawal November 11
Thanksgiving Recess - No Classes  November 23 - 27
Last Day of Regular Classes December 12
Last Day for Full Term Withdrawal December 12
Study/Snow Days/Alternate Class Days December 13 - 14
Final Examinations/Final Class Meetings December 15 - 21
Final Exam Make up Day (in the event of snow closure) December 22
Term Ends December 22
Conferral of January Degrees January 20

All classes must meet during the Final Examination period (for either a final exam or regular class meeting) in order to meet minimum contact hours required by NYSED.