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Spring 2017

Classes Begin January 17
Add/Drop and Late Registration 
(instructor permission required to add
Lab Science courses as of 1/30)
January 17 - 30
Awarding of January degrees January 20
Last Day to File for May 2017 Degree February 10
Presidents' Day - No Classes February 20
Tuesday follows a Monday Schedule February 21
Registration Begins for Summer 2017 (tentative) March 6
Spring Recess - No Classes March 13 - 17
Registration Begins for Fall 2017(tentative) March 20
Last Day to Opt P/F or Partial Withdrawal March 31
Last Day of Regular Classes April 25
Last Day for Full Term Withdrawal April 25
Study/Snow Days/Alternate Class Days April 26-27
Final Examinations/Final Class Meetings April 28 - May 4
Commencement May 5
Conferral of May Degrees May 19

All classes must meet during the Final Examination period (for either a final exam or regular class meeting) in order to meet minimum contact hours required by NYSED.