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How to Add Sustainability to Your Curriculum

11/28/2012, LIU Brooklyn Event - Brown Bag Nov 28Jonas Board Room , Brooklyn, 12:30 - 2:00 PM

News Sustainability is a buzz-word used by everyone from corporations to environmental groups. It is, however, an important concept, linked to the problems of adapting to climate change, and a concept that our students should understand. Are you interested in this issue but don’t know how to incorporate a sustainability component in your teaching? Would you like to receive some practical advice on how to proceed and learn about various resources that you can access easily?

This Brown Bag event is actually a ‘hands-on’ workshop, presented by members of the LIU Brooklyn Sustainability Committee. Presenters will first provide a definition of the term ‘sustainability’ as they see it and then discuss methods to incorporate the idea of sustainability into different courses. Resources for accomplishing this will be discussed. Presenters will include Carole Griffiths (Biology), Kathleen Kesson (Teaching, Learning and Leadership), Glen Lawrence (Chemistry) and Deborah Mutnick (English).

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