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Study Shows Exercise Video Games Pack Same Punch as Interval Training

Study shows DanceDanceRevolution and other exercise video games pack the same punch as interval training


Fatima Kafele,Deputy Director of Public Relations
Brooklyn Campus,
Long Island University
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Brooklyn, N.Y. — A recent study conducted at the ADAM Center at Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus found that 40 minutes of exercise video game play, specific to the game DanceDanceRevolution (Konami Corp, Tokyo, Japan), can be as effective as participating in a 5K Run.

The study, “Vigorous Energy Expenditure with a Dance Exer-game,” which was partially funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Health Games Research program and recently published in the Journal of Exercise Physiology, found subjects that played at “heavy” or “difficult” settings of the game for at least 40 minutes expended energy at a level of 9 METS (Metabolic Equivalents). This is equal to jogging 3.5 miles. Participants ranging in age from 18 to 53 took part in the study, and 100% of these subjects were able to finish the training.

“Participants in the study perceived themselves as ‘dancing’ or ‘playing’ and not ‘exercising,’ which may have influenced the intensity and energy expended during game play,” said researcher J. Adam Noah, PhD of the ADAM Center at LIU Brooklyn. “Even though the games were vigorous, the players found them fun and enjoyed the competitiveness.” Additionally, “Subjects continued to play DanceDanceRevolution after the study was completed, usually for an hour per session,” said co-researcher, Shaw Bronner, PhD.

The study findings also suggest that games of this nature can be used for more than just entertainment —they can be a viable tool in greater caloric expenditure and may confer health benefits related to cardiovascular fitness in a wide-range of adults. Specifically to DanceDanceRevolution, the short length, high intensity workout coupled with the entertaining goal of improving game scores were found to provide an effective workout similar to interval training.

About the ADAM Center
Part of the Brooklyn Campus since 1998, the ADAM Center furthers multidisciplinary collaboration in research areas that include movement analysis, ergonomics and epidemiology, and the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injury. The Center collaborates with faculty members and scientists throughout the country and mentors graduate and undergraduate students. It serves as a biomechanics and wellness resource for the Campus and the New York dance community, including Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, the Ailey School and Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet. In conjunction with several academic departments, the ADAM Center has established the MoCap laboratory, a high-tech resource for faculty and students working in scientific biomechanics research and in art production animation and special effects.

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About DanceDanceRevolution
DanceDanceRevolution is the definitive Music & Motion game that combines fun, fitness, competition, dance and music. Since it was first introduced to North American video game consoles in 2001, DanceDanceRevolution has received a tremendous amount of exposure for its health benefits. A major part of the new trend in gaming that takes players off of the couch and away from the joystick, DanceDanceRevolution has recently been introduced as part of the physical fitness curriculum in multiple school districts in the United States. Additionally, it has been a part of numerous research studies on childhood obesity. For more information, please visit:

Posted 11/11/2011

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