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Fire Safety

All members of the Campus Community should be guided by the following:

In Your Building/Classroom

  • Note the location of fire alarms, extinguishers and other emergency equipment.
  • Note the location of landmarks which may aid your exit when visibility is reduced by smoke.
  • Locate at least two emergency exits from your floor and make sure they are free from obstruction.
  • Re-familiarize yourself with standard fire drill procedures.

In the Event of a Fire

  • Remain calm. Act quickly, not rashly. Your object is to survive. If you can exit safely, do so.
  • If not, you must work quickly to defend yourself against smoke and flame.
  • Never open a door without first checking for heat or smoke. Close doors behind you.
  • Do not allow doors to lock behind you. You may be forced to return.

If smoke is encountered during your exit, do not walk upright . . . crawl. The air is cooler and less toxic near the floor.

Never Use an Elevator

  • If smoke is present in a stairwell, avoid it. Choose another route.
  • If your clothes catch fire . . . stop, drop, and roll to extinguish the flames.
  • If you are in the room where the fire starts, leave quickly. Close the door and call Public Safety at ext. 1078 or 55.
  • Upon exiting, move at least 70 yards from the building. Make yourself or a group designee available to the Public Safety Officers or Firefighters in order to give as much information about the fire situation as possible. Be factual and be calm.

If You are Trapped in a Room

  • Seal door/window cracks and ventilation grills with tape (preferably duct tape) or towels and clothing (preferably wet) to keep the smoke out. If there is smoke in the room, open the window to let it out. Hang an article of clothing, large enough for rescuers to see, out of a corner of the window. Then close the window and keep closed to prevent outside smoke from entering.
  • Do not break the window unless the room has been heavily invaded by smoke and you must get air to survive. Remember, stay close to the floor for air. Call Public Safety at ext. 1078 or 55, report the fire location and your situation. Tie a towel or clothing (preferably wet) around your nose and mouth if necessary to filter smoke. Do not jump.

Always Remember

You must believe that every fire alarm is real. Failure to exit the building when an alarm sounds may put you and others in danger.

Resident Students May Not:

  • Intentionally cause smoke or a fire; including burning candles or incense.
  • Obstruct (penny shut, glue, or jam) a door so as to prohibit entrance and/or exit from a room.
  • Affix tapestries and other room decorations to the ceiling, light fixtures, or in doorways.
  • Accidentally or intentionally misuse fire safety equipment, including but not limited to fire hoses, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, pull-stations, fire alarms bells and smoke detectors.
  • Use extension cords or multi-receptacle outlets with the exception of UL listed power strips with surge protectors.
  • Have live pine present in room.
  • Use or possess open element appliances, including toasters, hot plates, and hot pots in residence hall rooms or other unauthorized areas.
  • Cook or use any cooking utensils.
  • Install personal air conditioning units or portable electric or fuel powered heaters without approval from Student Health.

If you have any questions, please call 718-488-1078 and as for the Fire Safety Director. If you have any health-related questions, call Brooklyn Campus Student Health Services at ext. 6450.