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Missing Person

If a student/person is unaccounted for, the person or persons who initially become aware of such an occurrence must notify Public Safety immediately.

Public Safety will upon receipt of a report of a missing student/person, immediately implement the following procedures:

  • Dispatch a supervisor and two (2) officers to the location of the complainant.
  • Upon arrival, the supervisor/officers will immediately interview the complainant and conduct an initial investigation to obtain as much information on the missing student/person as possible for a campus-wide broadcast.
  • Set up a Command Post as close to the scene as possible.
  • The supervisor on scene will be responsible for ensuring all appropriate policies and procedures are implemented, and all appropriate notifications are made regarding a missing student/person in accordance with Campus policy.
  • If the initial investigation reveals extenuating circumstances regarding the missing student/person (i.e. mentally or physically impaired or handicapped, severely depressed or suicidal, etc.), the supervisor or officer taking the initial report will notify Public Safety Base of these additional details and request additional assistance to begin a more extensive search.
  • In addition, Public Safety Base will broadcast the description and all pertinent details concerning the missing student/person, and immediately notify local Police giving them all required detail of the missing student/person and the known circumstances, and request their immediate response to the location.
  • Upon arrival of additional assistance the supervisor will begin to organize a search using all necessary support services, as circumstances require.
  • Until the arrival of local Police, the supervisor on scene will assume control of the initial investigation and search for the missing student/person. In any event the on-scene supervisor will be responsible for ensuring that a proper investigation and search is being conducted until the arrival of local Police.
  • Upon arrival of Local of local police, all available information regarding the missing student/person will be turned over to Police personnel. At that time the supervisor will relinquish ultimate authority to the police.