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Spring 2014

January 7-17 and January 20 In-Person Registration
January 20 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
January 21 Weekday classes begin
January 17 Awarding of January degrees
January 21-24 and January 27 Late registration and program changes
January 25-26 Semester classes meeting Saturday-Sunday begin
January 25-26 First weekend session classes begin
January 27 Late registration ends
January 27 Deferred final examinations
January 31 Last day to apply for May degree
January 31 Last day to apply for comprehensive examination
February 17 President's Day-no classes
February 18 Tuesday follows a Monday Schedule
February 24-March 7 Midterm examinations-classes in session
March 8-9 First weekend session final examinations
March 10 Spring recess begins
March 17 Classes resume
March 19 Last day to withdraw from undergraduate courses
March 22-23 Second weekend session classes begin
April 4 Last day to submit thesis and complete degree requirements
May 3-4 Second weekend session final examinations
May 3-4 Semester classes meeting Saturday-Sunday end
May 6 Semester classes meeting Monday through Friday end
May 6 Last day to withdraw from graduate courses
May 7-13 Final examinations-undergraduate and graduate
May 7 Last day to complete withdrawal appeal process
May 15 Commencement Ceremony
May 16 Conferral of May degrees