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Spring 2015

January 19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
January 20 Weekday classes begin
January 16 Awarding of January degrees
January 20-February 4 Late registration and program changes (extended due to snow closure)
January 24-25 Semester classes meeting Saturday-Sunday begin
January 24-25 First weekend session classes begin
January 26 Deferred final examinations
January 30 Last day to apply for comprehensive examination
February 2 Registration and program changes end
February 6 Last day to apply for May degree
February 16 President's Day-no classes
February 20 Friday follows a Monday Schedule
February 23-March 6 Midterm examinations-classes in session
March 7-8 First weekend session final examinations
March 9 Spring recess begins
March 16 Classes resume
March 18 Last day to withdraw from undergraduate courses
March 21-22 Second weekend session classes begin
April 3 Last day to submit thesis and complete degree requirements
May 2-3 Second weekend session final examinations
May 2-3 Semester classes meeting Saturday-Sunday end
May 4 Semester classes meeting Monday through Friday end
May 4 Last day to withdraw from graduate courses
May 5-11 Final examinations-undergraduate and graduate
May 5 Last day to complete withdrawal appeal process
May 12 Commencement Ceremony
May 15 Conferral of May degrees