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Fitness CenterThe Fitness Center is equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment. The three main areas include the aerobics studio, the cardiovascular area and the strength training area. The Aerobics Studio has a hardwood floor, a mirrored wall, ballet bars, access to jump ropes, vinyl handheld dumbbells of varied weights, body bars, individual mats, stability and medicine balls of various sizes, resistance bands and tubing, and steppers. The Cardio/Strength Training Area houses both cardiovascular and resistance equipment. It has an area for stretching, is temperature controlled and equipped with mirrored walls. The Locker Rooms include daily-use lockers and private showers.

Cardiovascular Equipment

  • 12 LifeFitness 95Te Treadmills
  • 12 LifeFitness 95Te Elliptical Trainer
  • 4 LifeFitness 95Re Recumbent Exercise Bike
  • 4 LifeFitness 95Ce Upright Exercise Bike
  • 2 LifeFitness 955e Stairclimber

Resistance Equipment

  • LifeFitness Abdominal Crunch
  • LifeFitness Shoulder Press
  • LifeFitness Pectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid
  • LifeFitness Lateral Raise
  • LifeFitness Chest Press
  • LifeFitness Bicep Curl
  • LifeFitness Tricep Pushdown
  • LifeFitness Assisted Dip/Chin
  • LifeFitness Lateral Pulldown
  • LifeFitness Seated Row
  • LifeFitness Back Extension
  • LifeFitness Hip Adduction
  • LifeFitness Hip Abduction
  • LifeFitness Hamstring Curl
  • LifeFitness Leg Extension
  • LifeFitness Leg Press
  • York Seated Row
  • York Lateral Pulldown
  • York Tricep Pushdown
  • York Cable Crossover

Free Weights

  • 2 York Olympic Platforms
  • 4 Flat-Incline Benches
  • 1 York Decline Bench
  • 6 York Olympic Bars
  • York Rubberized Plates: 2.5 - 45 lbs.
  • York Rubberized Dumbbells: 5 - 75lbs.