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Grand Parenting Program

Grand Parenting ProgramGrandparent caregiver families are growing in numbers. To date, more than two million grandparents provide custodial care for over six million children nationwide (U.S. Census Bureau, 2000). In New York, 6.3% of all the children are living in grandparent-headed households. Thirty-four percent of these grandparents are African American; 31% are White; 26% are Hispanic/Latino; and 5% are Asian. Sixty-six percent of the grandparents are under the age of 60 and 23% live in poverty. Research has well documented that grandparents struggle with their daily activities and the responsibilities that are mandated by their role. Many report being overwhelmed with additional social, legal and financial burdens related to their own children. And this can have a negative impact on their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Under the direction of Dr. Katherine Dimitropoulou and the Department of Occupational Therapy, the purpose of this initiative is to develop an outreach for grandparents in the communities of Brooklyn and Southern Manhattan, and to evaluate and provide consultation for these individuals on issues of functionality, community access and “parenting.” In addition, a Web site has been developed that provides access to related resources and educational information.

Ten educational sessions (5 topics in 2 sessions each) include: 

  • Learning what to expect from your grandchildren (2 sessions)
  • Organizing, choosing and selecting the time to participate in community activities (2 sessions) 
  • Eliminating fall and trip hazards at home (2 sessions)
  • Meal planning on a budget (2 sessions)
  • Incorporating exercise in your busy life (2 sessions)

All sessions will be held at the Health and Wellness Center at Long Island University’ Brooklyn Campus (161 Ashland Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y.)

For additional information, please contact Dr. Katherine Dimitropoulou at, or call 718-488-3403.