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“The Hydroworx Hydrotherapy Pool has been very beneficial for the Brooklyn Campus Athletics Department. Steve Kofsky, PT has helped several of our student-athletes return to functional and weight-bearing activities with his unique aqua therapy skills. The inclusion of aqua therapy really complements the traditional injury treatments we perform in the athletic training room.” – Danny O’Connor, M.S., ATC, Head Athletic Trainer

"I found the therapy pool to be a great help during recovery from arthroscopic surgery on my left knee. The ability to receive therapy in this environment enabled me to regain strength and stability in that knee more quickly than expected and enhanced the therapy that I also was receiving in the traditional (land) clinical setting. The buoyancy provided in the water environment allowed for more vigorous movement while the knee was healing and this, I believe, accelerated recovery of my range of motion. Furthermore, my right knee, which has not undergone surgery yet, has responded well, enabling me to postpone that surgery for now." – BE

“After four major knee surgeries, I started aquatic therapy with Steve with little hope for any improvement. Within three weeks, however, I made significant progress and I was able to run in the pool. My knee pain almost disappeared and I was able to move around a lot easier. Steve is not only an excellent and knowledgeable physical therapist, but he also possesses a calm demeanor and puts his patients first. Thank you!” – EP

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Kofsky and the WRAC facility for the wonderful treatment I am receiving in the therapy pool. It has really changed my ability to continue functioning over the last few weeks. I have osteoarthritis and degenerative bone disease, and currently am awaiting a hip replacement. I have had to delay my hip surgery over a year to have reconstructive surgery on both hands so that I can participate in the rehabilitation from the hip replacement. Every day over the last six months has seen me less able to walk, sit stand or sleep. When my physical therapist Charmaine Quijano, who is a miracle worker, insisted that I try aqua therapy, I was okay with the idea because I love the water, but I didn't think much improvement would come from it. I was wrong. Since beginning treatment, I have increased my range of motion, have greater endurance, less pain and I am able to sleep much better at night. I am using muscles I haven't been able to use in a long time. Since the water takes the pressure off the hip I can move more and stretch and exercise my little-used muscles. Steve is great at keeping me moving and convincing me to try a movement that I am reluctant to undertake. I plan to continue the water therapy up to the day before my surgery and to resume it the minute I am cleared by the surgeon. Thanks again to all involved. This is a much-needed service." – DK