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Wellness Committee

Provost Office

Brad Cohen, Assistant Provost and Director of the Wellness, Recreation and Athletic Center  Brad Cohen
Title: Assistant Provost and Director of the Wellness, Recreation and Athletic Center
Department: Provost Office

Health & Wellness Institute

Said Hamdan

Said Hamdan M.S., A.T.C
Title: Director, Wellness Institute
Department: Wellness Institute
Areas of Specialty: Athletic Training Practice and Education

Wellness Recreation and Athletic Center

Sharon Abbate Sharon Abbate
Title: Senior Associate Director of Wellness, Recreation, & Athletic Center
Department: Wellness, Recreation & Athletic Center
Areas of Specialty: Facility and Operations

School of Health Professions

Barry S. Eckerd, Dean, Department: School of Health Professions  Barry S. Eckert, Ph.D 
Title: Dean
Department: School of Health Professions
Areas of Specialty: Health Care Workforce, Community Programs, Cancer Research and Anatomical Sciences

Physical Therapy Department

Marshall Hagins, Associate Professor  Marshall Hagins Ph.D., PT, OCS
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Physical Therapy
Areas of Specialty: Physical Therapy Treatment for Professional Dancers
Rebecca States, Associate Professor  Rebecca States, M.A., Ph.D. 
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Physical Therapy
Areas of Specialty: Computational Modeling of Human Movement, Human Motor Control, Joint Coordination

Sports Sciences Department

David Spierer  David K. Spierer, Ed.D 
Title: Co-Chair of the Wellness Committee, Assistant Professor
Department: Sports Sciences
Area of Specialty: Exercise Physiology, Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology

College of Pharmacy

Stephen M. Gross, Dean Emeritus  Stephen M. Gross 
Title: Dean Emeritus
Department: Pharmacy
Areas of Specialty: Alternative Medicine Therapies; Managed Care; Pharmacy Administration; Pharmacy Education, Pharmacy Practice and the Law
718- 488-1227
 Hamid Rahim
Hamid Rahim, PhD
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Areas of Specialty: Behavioral Sciences

Institutional Advancement

James Cribbs  James Cribbs
Title: Campus Grants Coordinator
Dept: Office of Institutional Advancement
Areas of Specialty: Fund raising, writing 

University Health and Medical Services

VR Small VR Small
Title: Director Student Support Services (UHMS)
Department: University Health and Medical Services
Areas of Specialty: Community Collaborations & Organizational Development

Public Health

Anthony Santella Anthony Santella, Dr., PH
Title: Assistant Professor of Public Health
Department: Public Health
Areas of Specialty: HIV\AIDS prevention and policy

ADAM Center

Shaw Bronner Shaw Bronner, Ph.D., PT, OCS
Title: Director
Department: ADAM Center
Areas of specialty: Physical Therapy, Biomechanics, and Neuroscience