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Individual Tutoring

The ARC provides free tutoring to LIU Brooklyn undergraduate students. We also provide tutoring for various courses in the College of Pharmacy, School of Nursing, the Division of Occupational Therapy, HHC’s Nurse Training Program, and conversation groups for the English Language Institute. The ARC offers tutoring for over 500 hours per week within over 20 subjects, and over 200 individual courses. Subject areas include but are not limited to Accounting, Statistics, Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, Calculus, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, and Psychology. You can make an appointment or drop by for a walk-in session.

Small-Group Tutoring

Many of our tutoring sessions, especially in the sciences, are held in small groups of 2 to 3 students. Working collaboratively has many benefits:

  1. The students are generally all in the same class, so you get built-in study partners to share notes with, compare perspectives on course material, and strengthen your collaboration skills;
  2. You’ll get a chance to share what you know with other students, which strengthens your knowledge (after all, we believe that one of the best ways to reinforce what you’ve learned is to explain it to someone else);
  3. Working in a small group is a great way to get to know other LIU Blackbirds and make new friends.

Walk-in Tutoring

Have a question about your course material? Walk-in tutoring is also available on a limited basis. Just drop in during our daily walk-in hours (check our schedule), or anytime, and ask if someone is available. Walk-in sessions are group oriented. Typically, tutors will spend time with you for a quick question or up to 30 minutes, if no one else is waiting. If several students come in for the same class, we’ll form a group and work together.

Online Tutoring: The Virtual Learning Center

We offer online tutoring in various subject using the WorldWideWhiteBoard tool and NetTutor. Online sessions function exactly like face-to-face sessions, but of course they take place online. You can make an appointment with an online tutor or if you’d prefer to “walk-in,” check our online tutoring schedule and just log in.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) provides a series of weekly study sessions for students taking historically difficult courses, like Chem 3 and 4, and Pre-calculus and Calculus. At each SI session, you will be guided through course material by your SI leader who has previously taken the course and earned a grade of “A.” SI leaders attend class lectures, work closely with the professors, and provide interactive study groups to help students develop effective ways to learn the course material.

Study Groups

We can help you connect with other students to create Study Groups. Just come in to our center to place a Study Group request. We’ll create a sign-up sheet and help you organize times and locations. Depending on availability, we can also schedule to have one of our tutors visit your Study Group periodically to help clarify course content.

Workshops & Review Sessions 

We offer rotating workshops in varying topics, from Learning about Learning Styles to Prepping for the Placement Exam. We participate in Welcome Week by offering workshops on Virtual Tutoring and Getting to Know Academic Support at LIU Brooklyn.

At midterms and finals, we also offer large-group review sessions for some of our most challenging, high-demand courses: Organic Chemistry I & II, Calculus, Physics, etc.

Math Prep Workshops

We offer on-going math workshops for students who are preparing to (re)take their Math Placement Exam. Additionally, we offer Saturday intensives for students who are preparing to take the Math 10 Exit Exam. If it has been a while since your last math class, these workshops will help refresh your math skills and help you feel more confident about the exam.

English Summer Institute

ESI is a FREE, not-for-credit, reading- and writing-intensive course that takes place four weeks every summer. Designed for in-coming freshmen who test into English 13, 13x, 14, or 14x, ESI will help you prepare to retake your English Placement Exam, while sharpening your skills in writing and reading comprehension. ESI is a great way to start your college experience early, have fun and form friendships that will last your entire college experience, and become part of a writers’ community that values process, revision and creativity!

Our ESI instructional team offers students great expertise from its wealth of experience as writers, professors, graduate students and world travelers. Together, we are dedicated to ensuring that you have the most enriching summer, laying the foundation for a positive college experience!

Language Accessible Tutoring

Like our student body, the Tutors at the ARC speak many languages. While it’s not always possible, for students who are more comfortable learning in a language other than English, we will try to match you up with a Tutor who speaks that language. For students who are learning English, or for those who want to improve their pronunciation, conversation skills, or develop more comfort with the language, we also offer English Language Conversation Groups.

Learning Skills Consultations

The ARC can provide FREE consultations designed to help develop the study skills necessary to meet the demands of college level learning. Integrated within your tutoring session, the consultation will focus on study skills particular to the subject area you’re studying and focus on your particular learning style (after all, studying for history is very different from studying for math). Our goal is to help you to become a more efficient, effective learner at the college level.

Tutoring Training

Tutors and staff at the ARC undergo our CRLA-certified, Level 1 International Tutor Training Program, which includes orientation in the practice of tutoring, observations, and ongoing weekly Tutor Development meetings. We learn about varying topics in the field of learning assistance, from learning styles and subject-specific techniques of tutoring, to facilitating large groups and the Socratic Method.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our tutoring team, APPLY HERE.

Open Computer Lab

The ARC Open Computer Lab provides LIU Brooklyn students, faculty and staff access to Windows workstations with high-speed Internet access for email, MyLIU and Blackboard access, and Internet access for research, news and general use. We are also located near to the Genius Corner, which provides computer assistance and laptop lending.

Faculty Support

We are happy to work with faculty across the disciplines to find support for students in many ways. We can visit your class to talk about the ARC and the services we offer. We can develop weekly Supplemental Instruction Sessions. Additionally, we work closely with the OSDR and PAS Program, to provide guided study for students. Project QUEST.

Other Brooklyn Campus Support

  1. Writing Center
  2. Mathematics Center
  3. Multimedia Language Lab
  4. Testing Center
  5. English Language Institute
  6. WAC
  7. Core Seminar
  8. LIU Brooklyn Library

Learning Resources on the Web

Here you’ll find resources in various subjects.