Testing Center

Testing CenterThe Testing Center can help you reach your goals. We provide placement, exemption, and mastery examinations to support the process of learning and growing that is at the heart of our university. The English Placement Examination may additionally serve as a mastery examination for certain international students who are referred by the Office of Admissions.

Placement Schedule

[Please bring photo i.d., your LIU student ID number, a dictionary and a pen and pencil. You may use a calculator/ Approved Devices. Cell phone calculators are NOT allowed.]

– No appointment is needed Placement Schedule (Pen and Paper) - SPRING 2016
Please bring photo i.d., your LIU student ID number, a dictionary and a pen and pencil. You may use a calculator (Cell phone calculators are NOT allowed)

2/22 Mon 1:00 PM LLC-124
2/23 Tue 5:30 PM LLC-124
2/27 Sat 10:00 AM LLC-124
2/29 Mon 1:00 PM LLC-124
MARCH 2016
3/1 Tue 5:30 PM LLC-124
3/5 Sat 10:00 AM LLC-124
3/14 Mon 1:00 PM LLC-124
3/15 Tue 5:30 PM LLC-124
3/19 Sat 10:00 AM LLC-124
3/21 Mon 1:00 PM LLC-124
3/22 Tue 5:30 PM LLC-124
3/26 Sat 10:00 AM LLC-124
3/28 Mon 1:00 PM LLC-124
3/29 Tue 5:30 PM LLC-124
APRIL 2016
4/2 Sat 10:00 AM LLC-124
4/4 Mon 1:00 PM LLC-124
4/5 Tue 5:30 PM LLC-124
4/9 Sat 10:00 AM LLC-124
4/11 Mon 1:00 PM LLC-124
4/12 Tue 5:30 PM LLC-124
4/16 Sat 10:00 AM LLC-124
4/18 Mon 1:00 PM LLC-124
4/19 Tue 5:30 PM LLC-124
4/23 Sat 10:00 AM LLC-124
4/25 Mon 1:00 PM LLC-124
4/26 Tue 5:30 PM LLC-124
4/30 Sat 10:00 AM LLC-124
MAY 2016
5/2 Mon 1:00 PM LLC-124
5/3 Tue 5:30 PM LLC-124
5/7 Sat 10:00 AM LLC-124

The Placement exam follows a Monday, Tuesday, Saturday schedule.

Please notice there is NO Placement on the following dates:
Monday, March 7th, Tuesday, March 8th, or Saturday, March 12th

For Placement results call 718-488-1392.
For Information about the Placement Examination please email: Bkln-testing@liu.edu.