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Gregory Kogan

Assistant Professor, Accounting

B.A., Temple UniversityPh.D., City University of New York


Professor Kose received his doctorate in 1982, in Developmental Psychology, from the CUNY Graduate Center, and joined the LIU faculty in 1984. He served as Chair of the Psychology Department from 1988-1997, and headed the NIMH funded Career Opportunities in Research program from 2002- 2007. He has been Director of M.A. Program in Psychology since 1998. His research interests include cognitive development, Piagetian Theory, Theory of Mind, cognition, problem solving, semiotics, and the psychology of the arts. He regularly teaches courses in history and systems in Psychology, research design, statistics, cognition, and psychology of art.


Cognitive Development, Piagetian Theory, Theory of Mind, Cognition, Problem Solving, Semiotics, and the Psychology of the Arts, Philosophical and Theoretical Psychology


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Kose, G. and Kosegarten, J. (in preparation). The computational paradox and the problem of psychologism. Presented @ International Society for Theoretical Psychology, 2012. Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology.

Professional Affiliations

American Psychological Association, Member Divisions 7, 24

American Educational Research Association

Eastern Psychological Association

Society for Research in Child Development

Jean Piaget Society

International Society for Theoretical Psychology

American Society for Aesthetics

Psychonomic Society