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How To Apply

There is only one application for the university and HEOP. Interested candidates should write HEOP on the top of the admissions application and return it to the HEOP office. There is no application fee for HEOP applicants. To complete the process the following requirements must be met:

  • Income documentation must be submitted (copies of recent tax returns, i.e., 1040 or 1040a, letters from Public Assistance or Social Security, Proof of Unemployment Benefits)
  • A high school transcript or a copy of G.E.D scores must be forwarded to HEOP.
  • Freshman applicants must take the L.I.U Placement Examination in English and Mathematics.
  • Completed and signed Financial Aid Form (FAF, TAP Application).
  • A personal interview is required for all applicants and is the final step in the application process.

Financial Assistance:

Arthur O. Eve HEOP students receive a financial aid package, which typically consists of TAP, and PELL grants, HEOP aid, and campus based aid, which may include SEOG grants, Perkins loans, College Work-Study Program (CWSP), and L.I.U grant and educational loans (Guaranteed Student Loans). Books are provided for students in the program. Summer savings are considered a resource in determining financial aid. HEOP students have five years OR ten terms of HEOP eligibility.