LIU Brooklyn Bilingual/English as a New Language Professional Development Center

LIU Brooklyn Bilingual/English as a New Language Professional Development Center

The LIU Brooklyn Preschool Bilingual/English as a New Language (ENL) Professional Development Center provides in-person and online training to 4410 preschool providers in NYC.  The mission of the Preschool Bilingual/ENL Professional Development Center (PDC) is to increase the capacity of administrators, paraprofessionals, teachers, and related service providers employed by approved preschool programs to serve preschool students with disabilities who are English language learners.  Training topics include bilingual and ENL methodology, cultural and linguistic diversity, effective professional and paraprofessional teams, working as or with an interpreter/translator, and the integration of bilingual programming throughout a school.  The Preschool Bilingual/ENL PDC also offers tuition assistance information and referrals to the Intensive Teacher Institute in Bilingual Education (ITI-BSE).

We offer in-person workshops for teachers and paraprofessionals and online workshops for administrators, members of evaluation teams, and interpreters/translators.

General Directions for Registration for the Summer of 2018

  • One cohort of in-person workshops is being offered in July. 

  • Once the enrollment limit of 35 participants per cohort for the in-person workshops is reached, registration will be closed.  

  • Registration will be open one month prior to the scheduled workshop.

  • Registration for the workshop offered in July 2018 will be open in early June 2017. 

  • Participants are required to attend workshops from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. 


The Bilingual English as a New Language Professional Development Center has been relocated to the main campus. All workshops will be held from 8:30am-3:30pm at 1 University Plaza Brooklyn, NY 11201/Library Learning Center (LLC) 2nd Floor. For more information about location and directions, please visit:

July 2018 Registration for Teachers and Paraprofessionals 

Online Workshops Registration for Administrators, Evaluation Team Members, and Interpreters/Translators

Course Descriptions and Requirements:

Bilingual/ENL Methodology 
This workshop is designed to help professionals better understand and provide services to dual language learners through the exploration of bilingual language development.  Participants engage in discussion around the following topic areas: definition of a “bilingual child”, additive and subtractive bilingual environments, development of bilingual proficiency, types of language proficiency, and bilingual program models. 
Provider Requirement: Teachers (4 days), Paraprofessionals (2 days), Evaluation Team Members (1 day), Administrators (½ day) 

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity 
This workshop explores the major components of culture, cultural diversity, and bilingualism/multilingualism in order to build participants’ awareness around the impact of culture and language on child development and success.  Participants also engage in discussion around the potential evaluation challenges as well as the social, educational, and occupational barriers culturally and linguistically diverse students often encounter. 
Provider Requirement: Teachers (2 days), Paraprofessionals (2 days), Evaluation Team Members (1 day), Administrators (½ day) 

Effective Professional and Paraprofessional Teams 
This workshop explores the roles and responsibilities of teachers and teacher assistants and further develops participants’ sense of shared understandings around their professional roles. The workshop also highlights the integral aspects of effective communication as well as the importance of cultural and social positioning with regard to communication and collaboration in transdisciplinary planning.  
Provider Requirement: Teachers (1 day), Paraprofessionals (1 day) 

Working as or with an Interpreter/Translator 
This workshop is designed to aid professionals in gaining a clear understanding of the role of interpreter/translator as well as to highlight the key issues that often impact the work of interpretation/translating.  The workshop also provides both an overview of the basic skills interpreters should possess in their work as well as a step-by-step breakdown of the interpretation process.  Participants also engage in discussion around the socioeconomic, dialectical, and cultural differences that may exist between students/families and interpreters/translators. 
Provider Requirement: Teachers (1 day), Paraprofessionals (1 day), Evaluation Team Members (1 day), Interpreters (1 day) 

Bilingual Programming (online only) 
 This workshop provides an overview of common bilingual program models and explores the various placement options that enhance student use of native language.  Participants discuss strategies for improving the following programmatic areas:  use of bilingual paraprofessional staff, planning sessions between bilingual and monolingual teachers and paraprofessionals, translation and development of materials for instruction, and communication with parents.  
Provider Requirement: Administrators only (1 day)  

For further information, contact the LIU Brooklyn Bilingual ENL PDC at or 718-488-1544.


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