Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management

The construction industry in NYC, Brooklyn, and the surrounding tri-state area is booming and local construction firms are hiring to keep pace. Take the first step to starting a career in Construction Management at Long Island University’s beautiful downtown Brooklyn campus.

Typically, entry-level jobs in construction management will require an engineering degree and related work experience. Working jointly with local construction firms, the Real Estate Academy @LIUBKspcs developed the Construction Project Management Training Program (CPMX) to help the non-traditional student overcome these two obstacles. The successful student of this intensive six-month training program will have the opportunity to sit for an interview, potentially be hired to work as an Assistant Project Manager or Assistant Site Supervisor, and earn an average starting salary near $60,000.

Come to LIU Brooklyn and find out how a Professional Certificate in Construction Project Management can be the first step to a fulfilling career in Construction Management.


The Real Estate Academy @LIUBKspcs will be holding an information session to discuss the Construction Project Management Training Program on Thursday, December 21 from 6.00pm to 7.00pm. 

Classes start in January; the successful student could start work in July. 

For more information, to RSVP for the info session, or to apply for the program, please contact Thebao Nguyenba at 718.488.3322 or

Professional Certificate

Students that earn a grade of B or better through all of the course work, have a positive interview AND practicum with the local industry partner, will be awarded a Professional Certificate in Construction Project Management from the Real Estate Academy at LIU Brooklyn's School of Professional and Continuing Studies.

With written permission from the student, potential future employers will be given a full and honest assessment. This will consist of grades and notes from professors and the local industry partner. This may include a letter of reference from the local construction firm, confirming time spent in-office and on-site, during the practicum. 

Important Dates, Next Steps

  • Information Session on Thursday December 21, from 6.00pm to 7.00pm.
  • Applications due January 15. 
  • Classes start January 23.
  • Contact Thebao Nguyenba at 718.488.3322 or to RSVP for the info session, start the application process, and schedule an interview.

Who Should Apply?

The Construction Project Management Training Program is designed for the student ready to start a career in Construction Management IMMEDIATELY

Potential candidates must have a Bachelor’s Degree; does not require an engineering or STEM major. Being technically minded, with a slight inclination for the sciences, will help students to complete this intensive training program successfully. 

This program is designed to train students with little to no experience in the construction industry.

Program Schedule

Classes for the Spring 2018 cohort will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 3pm to 8.30pm. Classes start in January and the successful student can potentially be working in July.

The Construction Project Management Training Program is divided into two parts, courses at the 100 and 200 levels. 

Students will complete four 100 level courses in the Spring 2018 semester (Jan to May). Upon successful completion of the 100 level courses, students will sit for an interview with a local construction firm (that is ready to hire). If approved, students will then move on to courses at the 200 level (May to July), designed to train students for the specific roles they can potentially be hired for. 

The program will finish with a CPMX Practicum, a one week in-office and on-site opportunity to gain industry work experience.

  • CPMX 001, Introduction to Construction Management -- January 16 and 18
  • CPMX 101, Introduction to Blueprints -- January 23 to March 8
  • CPMX 103, Construction Project Management -- January 23 to March 8
  • CPMX 102, Introduction to MEP FP Blueprints -- March 20 to May 3
  • CPMX 104, Construction Site Management -- March 20 to May 3
  • CPMX 002, Construction Management: Interview and Assessment -- May 1 to May 17
  • CPMX 201, Advanced Construction Project and Site Management -- May 21 to July 2
  • CPMX 202, Building Systems: HVAC Technical and Field -- May 21 to July 2
  • CPMX 004, Construction Project Management: Office and Field Practicum -- 20 hours in office over one week, taking place between July 9 and August 31


Michael Ross

Michael Ross, is an adjunct professor of Construction Management and Methods and Materials. He has been lecturing at NYU for over 25 years. He has 45 years of experience in the construction industry; encompassing 3 years as a draftsman with trade contractors, 5 years as a project manager with an architectural firm, and 37 years managing the construction process working with a general contractor and as Vice President of Construction for two of the largest Construction Managers in the NY area (Tishman Realty and Construction and Bovis Lend Lease). He has managed projects ranging from the Alteration of Carnegie Hall, various court houses, apartment/condo buildings, hotels, and schools. He has worked primarily in NY, but has also built in London, San Francisco, and Miami.

Industry Partners

The Real Estate Academy @LIUBKspcs worked jointly with industry professionals and local construction firm, ACS System Associates, to develop the Construction Project Management Training Program.

ACS System Associates is based in Westchester county and works throughout the tri-state area; including NYC, Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island, Dutchess, Putnam Orange, and Rockland counties in Upstate New York, Western Connecticut, and Northern New Jersey. With a focus on Mechanical Services, ACS System Associates has provided technical and management services on projects with the NYC School Construction Authority, NYC Landmark Buildings, the World Trade Center, and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection.

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