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Degree Requirements

The Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology at the Brooklyn Campus can be completed in 2.5-3 years of intensive study. The time limit for the degree is 5 years. Candidates for the degree must have completed a minimum of 64 credits and a summative requirement.

The master’s degree program offers two options: (a) a clinical Master’s degree program with a comprehensive examination as the summative requirement or (b) a clinical master’s degree program with a research project in which the summative requirement is a presentation at a professional meeting or a publication in a professional journal. Both options are subject to the rules of the Departmental Graduate Program Committee.


The programs in Speech-Language Pathology consist of required and elective course work from the following categories: Professional Foundations, Speech Disorders, Language Disorders and Practica. Most course work is infused with multilingual/multicultural content.

Clinical Practicum

All students are required to complete a minimum of 400 competent clock hours of clinical practicum, including 25 hours of observation. Up to 50 clock hours of undergraduate practicum and 25 hours of observation may be credited toward clinical practicum requirements. Clinical practica are completed in several locations: on campus, in the university clinic; at the University satellite centers; at off-campus hospital settings and in school settings. Clinical practicum requirements, facilities, and regulations are described in detail in the Clinic Procedures Manual. Students are advised that the specific hourly requirements listed here and by ASHA constitute minimum standards requirements, and may be adjusted upwards according to individual student needs and skill levels.