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Non-Matriculating Students

Guidelines for Non-Matriculating Students Who Wish to Take an Undergraduate English Course

Restrictions for Taking an Undergraduate Course:

  • Cannot be an international student.
  • Cannot be a freshman.
  • Must have gone to college and have copy of transcript for those courses taken.
  • Cannot take restricted courses unless specifically authorized by instructor and department.
  • Not qualified for financial aid.


  • Meet with undergraduate advisor.
  • Provide writing sample and any other documentation requested by course instructor and/or Chair of Department.
  • Get permission from course instructor (signs off on registration card).
  • Get written permission memo from Chair of Department (and signs off on registration card).
  • Go to Admissions to fill out application to take one undergraduate course as a "Brooklyn Visiting Student."
  • Admissions signs off and then the student may register for class at Registration Office.