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Why Major in English?

Today’s professional must interpret and manipulate complex information, so employers are attracted to job candidates who read carefully, think creatively, and write clearly and persuasively. English majors have a distinct advantage. We believe the English major program at LIU Brooklyn helps students build a strong foundation for success in advertising, business, education, journalism, law, politics, and a wide range of other careers.

The Dean of the School of Law at St. Mary's University has stated that an "English major is considered to be the very best for those who intend to enter law school." Indeed, students who have graduated with a degree in English from LIU Brooklyn have been accepted into such prestigious law schools as George Washington University, Boston University, and Fordham University.

Moreover, according to the Educational Testing Service, English majors are well prepared not only to go into law but also advertising, entertainment, politics, screenwriting, acting, public relations, politics, journalism, and fundraising (among other fields). In addition to these careers, many English majors find the most meaningful expression of their interests in the field of education. A recent survey shows that 38% of English majors go on to work in public and private schools at the secondary level. However, 26% of English majors go into fields unrelated to education. Such numbers are testament to the diversity of careers open to English majors and suggest that they are able to combine the study of a subject they genuinely enjoy with success in their careers. For further information about career opportunities for English majors, see this page, maintained by the Office of Career Services. Click here for information about how to become a middle school or high school English teacher.

Also check out our Tumblr for a great list of ideas for “what to do with an english major or minor.” (And don’t miss our other social-media channels!)

If you are interested in majoring in English, contact Wayne Berninger, the English Department’s Undergraduate Advisor. To make your own appointment, use the app at Here is a short video showing how to use the app.