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Honors Admission Requirements

We are looking for motivated students with an enthusiasm for learning and a desire to develop themselves to their highest potential.

Entering Freshmen

Selection for the Honors Programs is based upon a student’s academic record and the successful completion of an interview. High school applicants need to have earned a high school grade-point average of 82 or above and/or a combined SAT score of 1050 or higher.

Current Brooklyn Campus Students

Students currently enrolled at LIU Brooklyn should contact one of the Program directors to discuss specific requirements. Students who enter the Program after their first semester are required to have strong academic records and excellent writing skills. A cumulative grade-point average of 3.3 or higher and strong grades in English 14 and/or 16 are good indicators. Students will be asked to complete any remaining humanities and social science core requirements in Honors. You will NOT be asked to retake Honors equivalents of any core courses that you already have completed.

Transfer Students

Students who have completed the equivalent of LIU Brooklyn’s core curriculum or who have an associate’s degree can still join the Honors Program and graduate with Honors. Contact one of the program directors to discuss specific requirements. Transfer students should have a cumulative grade-point average of 3.3 or higher.