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Resources & Facilities

7 Teaching labs, ~ 1500 square feet each, undergoing renovation.
12 Research labs, between 600 and 1000 square feet, renovated within the last 10 years.


Room M1014 – Protein purification laboratory

  • BioRad Biologic LP Chromatography Systems (x3)
  • Nanospec – UV/vis spectrophotometer (M1012)
  • Nikon fluorescent microscope
  • Semi dry (Pierce)/liquid (Hoefer/BioLab) Western blot transfer apparatus (M1012)
  • Millipore SNAP i.d. protein detection system (x2) (M1012)

Room M1008 – Tissue culture laboratory

  • Laminar flow hoods (x2)
  • Revco -1000C ultracold freezer (M1013)
  • Eppendorf 5810R high speed centrifuge (fixed angle/swinging bucket rotors)
  • BTX electroporation system (M1012)
  • BioRad – ELISA plate reader

Room M1012 - Applied Biosystems Step One Plus Real-Time PCR system

Room M1013

  • Sorvall RC5b centrifuges (x2)
  • Hybridization incubator (x2)
  • Savant Speed-vac dryer