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Department of Mathematics

Mathematical EquationsThe Mathematics Department offers the B.S in Mathematics, which exposes our students to the study of spatial relationships, universal patterns and abstract structures. The first three years of study follows a core curriculum, which provides the students with a broad foundation of knowledge and equips them with the analytical skills essential for the pursuit of further studies in mathematics at the graduate level. Given the all-pervasive nature of mathematics and its unusual effectiveness as the formal language of science, we support the services of programs not only in chemistry, biology, pharmaceutical research and computer science, but also in the liberal arts disciplines of economics, finance, sociology and psychology.

Our students have the option of majoring in mathematics together with minors in computer science, economics and actuarial science; and in the recent past some have even majored in mathematics while executing a minor in chemistry. We have an academically diverse faculty with a wide spectrum of expertise in mathematics and they are all especially committed to making the experience of studying mathematics at the Brooklyn Campus a memorable one.