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Department of Economics

Pan American Unity Mural Economics studies how societies use their limited resources to pursue competing material goals. Central questions concern how households, firms, and governments make economic decisions; how markets and non-market institutions coordinate these decisions; and how the interaction of individual decisions determines social well-being. The discipline’s broad appeal hinges on the fact that it applies formal analysis to address real life issues of practical concern. Applications range from individual career, investment, and retirement decisions to global financial markets; from the internal organization of large firms to international trade; from the role of corporate mergers and acquisitions in shaping industrial structure to the conflicts of interest underlying the political process; from the government's role in regulating and stabilizing the economy to the connections between development, education, and poverty.

The Economics Department offers undergraduate students the opportunity to either major or minor in the discipline. The B.A. in Economics, which trains students to think analytically about a broad array of socio-economic issues, provides an ideal background for careers in economics, business, law, public service, and related fields. Upon graduation, students emerge well prepared to compete for immediate employment in varied business activities or to gain admission to graduate and professional schools.